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Which jobs could a 100 year old do?

Today's children could live to 120 and work until they're 100, it's been claimed. But which occupations might they take on?

Enniskillen pensioner 'denied hip operation due to age'

A pensioner has claimed she was denied surgery after being automatically deemed "unfit" because she was over 70. Pat Kelso from County Fermanagh said she needed a hip operation in 2012 but there was a 68-week waiting list in the Western Health Trust area.

Police forced retirement 'justified'

A police force accused of age discrimination was "justified" in forcibly retiring officers who had served 30 years, a tribunal has heard.

UK developing youth underclass, says Prince's Trust

Statistics gathered after a survey by the Prince's Trust of more than 2,300 people aged 16-24 suggested those from deprived backgrounds were three times more likely to say they will "end up on benefits". Calls to end "aspiration gap".