A former trainee police officer is suing Strathclyde Police over claims she was discriminated against because of her age and gender.

Claire Simpson, 21, alleges as the youngest female cadet she was made to feel "like a toddler" when asked if she had brought her crayons to work.

Ms Simpson was studying at the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan.

She has taken Strathclyde Police and the Scottish Police Service Authority to a tribunal citing discrimination.

The alleged incidents took place between 2007 and 2009.

Ms Simpson, from East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire, claims that she was told not to wear make-up despite other older officers wearing it.

She also said staff made "negative comments" to her after singling her out of a class for laughing, despite others doing the same.

She said she felt humilated and that staff put pressure on her not to submit a formal complaint.

"Little miss PC"


The university student was removed and discharged from the police force in March 2009 after the complaint was made, on the grounds that it was believed she would not become an efficient officer.

Ms Simpson, who now studies management in Germany, claimed that during her time at Hamilton Police office one constable would rub his legs and make a grunting noise while looking at her.

She also claimed an inspector referred to her as "Little miss PC" and "teehee".

Ms Simpson alleged that she was treated differently to others during her 15-week training course at the police college.

She described one female sergeant as being "vindictive" in her comments and another as "aggressive".

The tribunal continues.

Article from BBC News