We have collated a variety of sources that those researching age discrimination issues will find useful. We also carry out our own research from time to time and these analyses are also included.

Current UK population

Find out how the UK population has changed over the past 25 years. This area also includes information on how the population of the UK's regions has changed, as well as what the drivers are behind the change: immigration or improved birth/death rates.

The ageing workforce

People are living longer and staying in the workforce, making workplaces increasingly multigenerational. This area includes data relating to these issues and more.

Age discrimination claims

How has the number of age discrimination claims changed over time?

Age and Redundancy

After the first age discrimination regulations came out, we conducted an analysis of how long different age groups have taken to find new employment after being made redundant in order to see whether their had been an impact.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy in the UK (and around the globe) is increasing.

18 year olds

How many 18 year olds are there?

Statistics blogs