Tinder has settled a claim by users in California who were charged more to access the dating app's premium service because they were aged 29 or over.

A class action was brought after Lisa Kim realised in 2015 that she was paying $19.99 for her subscription to Tinder Plus, an enhanced version of the app.

Tinder Plus gives users advanced features such a passport feature to swipe anywhere in the world and unlimited “likes”.

Tinder has defended its decision to charge older users more to access its premium service.

During our testing we’ve learned that younger users are just as excited about Tinder Plus but are more budget constrained and need a lower price to pull the trigger

The settlement covers about 230,000 subscribers to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold in California who were at least 29 years old and is valued at $17.3 million, according to a filing Monday in federal court in Los Angeles.

The users with active accounts who fall under the settlement will automatically get 50 “Super Likes” (worth $25). Claimants can also choose to claim either an additional $25, 25 Super Likes, or a free one-month subscription to Tinder Plus or Gold.

Tinder will also pay $1.2m in lawyers’ fees. The lead claimant, Lisa Kim, will also receive an additional $5,000 out of the settlement total. The settlement will now need to be approved by a judge before becoming binding.

Tinder Plus will continue to charge older users more (something that is sure to upset Emile Ratelband).