Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, the UN independent expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, has spoken out against media outlets that are putting the blame for Brexit at the hands of older people in the UK.

“We have seen a number of European national newspapers and social media outlets stigmatizing older persons as the scapegoats for Brexit and calling for restrictions on ‘grey’ votes. General exclusions of the exercise of certain rights based on age are unacceptable under international human rights law.” 

“One magazine even suggested that the pensioners’ right to vote should be taken away, just as their driver’s licenses are, after they reach certain age,” according to Ms Kornfeld-Matte

She went on to state that “old age should not be misused to challenge a person’s political competence. The full respect of the equal right of all individuals in public life and decision-making is fundamental to a democratic society.”

“As societies worldwide are ageing, there is a need to invest more to build intergenerational solidarity and foster societies’ understanding of the valuable contribution of older persons,” Ms. Kornfeld-Matte concluded.