In September, California Governor Jerry Brown passed a new piece of legislation: AB 1687. This new law requires services like IMDB to comply with any requests by actors to remove their age or date of birth from their site.

The law was criticised at the time of its passage for violating first amendment rights.

Now, IMDB have taken legal action in a bid to have the law struck down. 

In their submissions, IMDB said that it "shares the worthy goal of preventing age discrimination, but [the law] is an unconstitutional law that does not advance, much less achieve, that goal".

In a statement, the California Attorney-General's office said that the law is aimed at protecting the lesser known actors competing for smaller roles.

On behalf of everyone in the industry who has struggled with age discrimination, whose opportunities to showcase their talent may have been blocked, I want to thank Gov. Brown and the bill’s author, Assemblymember Ian Calderon, and all the California lawmakers who were instrumental in this effort.
— Former Actor and current SAG-AFTRA President Gabriella Carteris speaking at the time AB 1687 was passed.