The latest poll by polling institute STEM shows that many Czechs still believe discrimination to be rife in the Czech Republic, with age discrimination considered to be the most serious problem.

Just 4% believe discrimination to be only a marginal problem, with 26% consider it a “rather small” problem.

However, 60% believe discrimination to be a “big” or “essential” problem. The total proportion of those considering discrimination a “big” or “essential” problem has risen since 2003 and last year was at 66%. This year's results have confirmed the trend.

Only 10% of Czechs believe that discrimination is becoming less common.

Some 46% of those polled consider age discrimination the most serious problem, followed by race discrimination (18%) and disability (14%).

The poll also reveals that young people and followers of right-wing parties do not consider discrimination to be a serious problem, whilst older people and left-wing people believe the situation to be worse.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 975 Czechs aged over 18 over May 12-21.