Professor Bernard King (64), who has already lodged a complaint of age discrimination, is now claiming he was victimised for acting as a "whistleblower" by raising complaints on behalf of staff.

Prof King was suspended from his £220,000 position in January while the university court investigated a number of unspecified issues.

Just a few weeks earlier, vice-principal Nicholas Terry was also suspended for what the university claimed was an unrelated issued.

However, it is understood there were fundamental disagreements over the university's focus on video games and when Professor King was due to retire.

The principal, who has been in post since 1992, claims the university reneged on an agreement to extend his contract.

Waters were muddied even further in April when it emerged three members of the university court, including Tayside Police chief constable Justine Curran, had resigned.

It has now claimed there may be a vote of confidence in the court, which is responsible for the university's finances and administration.

"The position is getting more and more political. There were discussions from some quarters about holding a vote of no confidence in the court," said one source.

"It could be that waits until June as well, though, because anything they say could end up in the case by Bernard King against the university."

It is likely both of Professor King's tribunals will be heard together.

A case management conference will take place on May 31 to determine how to proceed with the claims.

A spokesman for Abertay University said he could not comment until an inquiry into issues raised with the university court has been completed.

Article from The Courier