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Killen v Brunel Univeresity

The EAT overturned a ruling that an employee suffered age discrimination when a younger, less qualified person was appointed to a position in a redundancy situation.

Jessemey v Rowstock

The EAT decides that the Equality Act provides NO remedy for post termination victimisation.

Lloyd v BCQ

The EAT upheld the decision of an ET that an age discrimination claim centring around the contention that a benefit payable under an insurance contract was due to terminate at 65 was "a little short of absurd"

James v Gina Shoes Ltd

58 year old production manager told "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" wins age discrimination claim on appeal.


Gay v Sophos Plc

An employee who was unfairly dismissed, had not been subjected to age discrimination.

Compass Group v Ayodele

The EAT upholds an ET decision that that an employer should consider a request to work beyond retirement “in good faith”.

Lancaster v TBWA

A claimant lost an age discrimination claim which was based on the premise that the whole of the advertising industry is ageist.

Lycee Français Charles de Gaulle v Delambre

The EAT looks at the recommendations of a tribunal and rules that they were not overly broad. The judgment is worth a read, particularly for the Tribunal's comments about the Lycee's argument that "being French" was justification for the discrimination.

Mott MacDonald v Rivkin

Finding of age discrimination made on basis that witness had lied and that in those circumstances the employer could not, apparently as a matter of law, satisfy the law on the burden of proof.

Berry v Recruitment Revolution and others

The EAT rules against a serial claimant who brought multiple age discrimination claims against employers seeking "school leavers" and "recent graduates". Someone is not discriminated against if they do not even apply for a job.

Beck v CIBC (EAT)

The EAT upheld an ET's decision that a 42-year-old banker had suffered unlawful age discrimination because of a bank's use of the word "younger".

Kraft Foods v Hastie

Applying a cap to payments under a redundancy scheme to ensure that employees close to pension age do not receive a windfall can be justified as a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim.


Keane v Investigo and others

A litigant bringing frivolous age discrimination claims has her appeal dismissed and costs awarded against her.