Workers in the City say their employers are less committed to dealing with age discrimination than to other forms of discrimination, according to a survey by financial services recruiter Astbury Marsden. 

The survey of City employees found that while 33.5% said their employer was ‘very committed’ to gender diversity, and 32.5% to race, only 22% said their employer showed the same level of commitment to age diversity (see table below).

The Percentage of City employees rating their employer as ‘very committed’ to different forms of diversity are:

  • Gender: 33.5%
  • Race: 32.5%
  • Sexuality: 26.8%
  • Disability: 25.8%
  • Religion: 25.2%
  • Age: 22%

Mark Cameron, chief operating officer at Astbury Marsden says: “While sex discrimination is on the decrease, negative attitudes towards co-workers on the basis of age and a lack of commitment to age diversity is seen as wider problem.

“Legislation on age discrimination only came into force in 2010. As we have seen with racial and gender diversity, it often takes a period of years for attitudes to change, and this seems to be the case with age discrimination.”

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