A new law on employment envisages incentives for employers which will help eliminate age discrimination in employment, Deputy Prime Minister - Social Policy Minister of Ukraine Sergiy Tigipko has said.

"We know that employers impose limitations for applicants based on age. In particular, this applies to young people without much work experience and middle-aged people. In the employment law we suggest relieving employers from a single social contribution for creating jobs for young people and people over 50. Employers will benefit from giving job to such people. And this is the main argument for them," Tigipko said on Monday.

The deputy prime minister said that the law provided the possibility to improve professional skills of young people and older workers, the press service of the Party of Regions reported. In particular, young people will have an opportunity to undergo training, which will be then indicated in their work records, and people over 45 will receive a voucher for learning a new profession.

He also recalled that the new law on employment bans employees from indicating age limits for applicants in job advertisements.

The Regions Party's press service quoted experts that about one-third of the unemployed in Ukraine are people aged 40 to 59. According to a study conducted by Kharkiv Institute of Social Research, age limit is indicated in 15% of job ads in newspapers and in 58% of job ads in the Internet, the press service said.

As reported, on July 6, the Verkhovna Rada passed the law on employment submitted by the government.

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Article from Interfax