The Dutch equal opportunities commission CGB made 221 rulings last year, with age discrimination accounting for 24% of the upheld complaints, the organisation said on Thursday.

Most of the age-related complaints came from people aged 50 to 69. Very few people over the age of 50 successfully find work if they have lost their jobs.

Social affairs minister Henk Kamp told parliament on Wednesday evening he is planning new measures to encourage companies to take on older workers. These include €21,000 financial support package over three years, Kamp said.

The recently agreed austerity package also includes measures to simplify redundancy procedures which the government hopes will make it easier for firms to take on older staff.

Women and race

The CGB's report also showed some 17% of the successful complaints were about sex discrimination at work - half of the 38 rulings concerned women who were pregnant or young mothers.

Discrimination on health grounds also accounted for 17% of the successful complaints.

A further 17% of the successful complaints made to the commission were about discrimination on racial or nationality grounds and 8% focuses on religious discrimination.

Article from Dutch News