Actor Kenneth Cope is planning legal action over claims he was the victim of age discrimination by a town centre traffic warden.

Mr Cope alleges he was told “you should stop driving” by a traffic warden during a dispute on Market Street.

The remark – which he believes was made because of his visible old age – left the former Carry On star distraught and upset.

On December 3 Mr Cope, of Manchester Road, was parked on Market Street.

Accused of knocking down a scooter, the actor called the police when the complainant, who did not own the scooter, became aggressive and tried to take his keys. While waiting for the police a traffic warden appeared and held a lengthy discussion with the man he was in dispute with.

Mr Cope, 80, said: “They then both approached the car. She (the traffic warden) came to the front window and stated ‘You should give up driving’.

“I feel this was an offensive remark and ageist as I have white hair – she had not witnessed the incident.”

After complaining to Sefton Council, the matter was passed to Legion Parking Services, the company contracted to manage parking in Southport.

In a letter to Mr Cope, company head Tony Goddard said: “I fail to find how such a comment could be interpreted as ageist as it could have been made to any motorist for any reason.”

He added the traffic warden denied making the remark and claimed Mr Cope had become aggressive by shouting at her. He concluded: “As a result of my investigations I do not believe the Officer acted inappropriately. I propose taking no further action in this matter.”

With his wife, who has difficulty walking, reliant on his driving, Mr Cope was left distressed and upset by the alleged remark.

The grandfather said: “It’s very distressing if somebody says you are too old to drive.”

He added: “I hate this thing about people in authority using this thing about being abused by the public. It’s wrong, I never abused her at all...I only called over (to the warden and complainant) because the policewoman asked me to ask the man to stay.”

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: "Following an incident in December last year a complaint was made via us. This was passed to Legion Parking who responded directly to Mr Cope. A further complaint has since been made and we are currently looking into it."

Article from Southport Visiter