The Sex and the City star unleashes a tipsy tirade against an unsuspecting reporter at the NYC premiere of her new flick

The Sex and the City star was not exactly in a festive mood Wednesday during a red carpet stroll for the New York City premiere of her new film, Meet Monica Velour, in which she plays an aging porn star/stripper.

Approached by a reporter for the New York Post's Page Six, Cattrall reportedly went on a rant about what she sees as bias in Hollywood against older actresses. "Ask me about being a woman," Cattrall said. "Do you know what it's like to be 54 and marginalized? It doesn't get easier as you get older."

She then turned her displeasure toward the reporter, who said in her article that she tried to ease into the interview with a question about getting a bikini wax earlier in the day -- a topic that admittedly is kooky but perhaps not so out of bounds considering the girls of Sex and the City talked about that and much more on the show.

But Cattrall was having none of it. "That's a stupid question," she blurted. "You're a smart girl. How could you want to write that?" After adding that working as a gossip reporter isn't a "respectable" job, Cattrall asked the journalist, "Why don't you work at -- what's that news agency -- Roybers?" When the reporter informed Cattrall that the name of the news outlet is Reuters, the actress replied, "Yeah, sorry, I've been drinking." She then added: "What about writing for a blog? Then you can write about what you want (or) care about."

The fun didn't stop there. Cattrall became further inflamed when she found out the reporter hadn't seen the movie yet due to the newspaper's deadlines. "Why are you even here?" she scoffed.

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