Saga, which represents the interests of the over 50s, said a universal state pension of £130 a week should be provided at age 70.

Raising the state pension would help savers who have seen their rates of return plummet during the recession and reduce complex means tested benefits, it said.

Sage also called for an end to age discrimination, which it suggested is rife in the workplace, media and politics.

The manifesto comes after research by Saga revealed 80 per cent of over 55s are certain to vote in the next General Election.

Emma Soames, editor-at-large of Saga Magazine, said: “Issues that concern the Saga generation are varied. What cannot be hidden is that they are active citizens – they may no longer man the barricades as they might have done in the ‘60s – but they will vote in their millions. Woe betide any political party that ignores them.”

The default retirement age currently stands at 65, but is scheduled to be reviewed by the Government this year. Many older people want to work longer, both to earn an additional income to top up poor performing pensions and because their health allows them to continue.

Women are required to work for 39 years to qualify for a full state pension – currently at £95.25 a week - while men must work for 44 years to qualify, with both levels dropping to 30 years from April.

Article from The Telegraph