This summary of age discrimination law in Egypt has been prepared by Shalakany Law Office:


Protection from discrimination is enshrined within the new Constitution of Egypt issued in 2014. Articles 9 and 53 of the Constitution state:

The State shall ensure equal opportunities to all citizens without discrimination.

All citizens are equal before the Law. They are equal in rights, freedoms and general duties, without discrimination based on religion, creed, sex, origin, race, colour, language, disability, social class, political or geographic affiliation or any other reason.

Discrimination and incitement of hatred is a crime punishable by Law.

The State shall take necessary measures for eliminating all forms of discrimination, and the Law shall regulate creating an independent commission for this purpose.

However, with the exception of Article 80 of the Constitution, which guarantees certain rights to children under the age of 18, age discrimination is not specifically protected or regulated in the Egyptian Constitution or Laws.

Article 80 of the Constitution stipulates:

Anyone under the age of 18 shall be considered a child. Each child shall have the right to a name, identity documents, free compulsory vaccination, health and family or alternative care, basic nutrition, safe shelter, religious education, and emotional and cognitive development.

The State shall ensure the rights of children with disabilities, their rehabilitation and their integration into society.

The State shall provide children with care and protection from all forms of violence, abuse, mistreatment and commercial and sexual exploitation.

Every child shall be entitled to acquire early education in a childhood centre until the age of six. It is prohibited to employ children before the age of completing their preparatory education (six years of primary and three years of secondary education) or in jobs which subject them to danger.

The State shall also develop a judicial system for children that have been victims or who are witnesses. Children may not be held criminally accountable or detained save as provided in the Law and for the period specified therein. In such a case, they shall be provided with legal assistance and detained in appropriate locations separate from those allocated for the detention of adults.

The State shall endeavour to achieve the best interests of children in all measures taken against them.


The retirement age in Egypt is 60 years, or higher if the employer provides for a higher retirement age in its internal regulations or employment contracts.


Although not a case, it may be worth noting that in the last year since 2017, Parliament has been drafting a new labour law. Discussions have been temporarily put on hold, however, until the new legislative session of Parliament commences in October 2018.