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Employment Tribunal

Gimson v Telegraph

A sketch writer for the Daily Telegraph fails in his "implausible" age discrimination claim.

Palmer v East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

An ET decided to award compensation for injury to feelings and aggravated and exemplary damages as well as its recommendation requiring the employer to issue a press statement making a public apology.

Jessemey v Rowstock

Post termination victimisation not covered by Equality Act 10 says ET.

Dixon v Croglin Estate Co Ltd

Gamekeeper who lost "his whole life" after being dismissed for being "set in his ways" wins £110k in age discrimination claim (including aggravated damages).

Walsh v Tewkesbury Borough Council

A decision to dismiss a 49 year old three months before his 50th birthday in order to avoid additional pension costs was direct age discrimination.

O'Reilly v BBC

A 51-year-old female TV presenter suffered unjustified age discrimination when her programme was moved to a ‘primetime’ slot and she was replaced by younger presenters.

Harrison v Ministry of Defence

In an interim hearing, an ET finds that the test in Regulation 32(2) of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 is a mix of objective and subjective tests.

Ayodele v Compass Group plc

An ET holds that the duty to consider procedure in the Age Regulations requires an employer to genuinely consider an employee's request to work beyond retirement.

Mr P Frost v David Harber Limited

This case deals with using "age" as a selection criteria in recruitment. The decision itself is well worth a read and contains useful lessons for any employer.

Beck v CIBC (ET)

A 42 year old banker was discriminated on the grounds of his age after his employer fired him and sought to replace him with someone with a "younger, entrepreneurial" style.

Koh v Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

ET finds that comments made to a 52 year old Sainbury’s manager that implied she was ‘past it’ was direct age discrimination and awards compensation of £124,182.