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Lees v Imperial College

Did additional "pension strain cost" influence a decision not to make someone redundant?

McDowell v BAE Systems

An enhanced redundancy scheme that tapered down to zero at age 65 was not justified.

Palmer v Royal Bank of Scotland PLC

It wasn't age discrimination for RBS to decline to offer a redundant employee a chance to change her mind about voluntary redundancy or redeployment.

Killen v Brunel Univeresity

The EAT overturned a ruling that an employee suffered age discrimination when a younger, less qualified person was appointed to a position in a redundancy situation.

Shiret v Credit Suisse

Mr Shiret, a 55 year old banker, was made redundant but his 35 year old colleague kept his job. Was this age discrimination?

Odar v Baxter Deutschland GmbH

A provision which reduced compensation for workers aged over 54 by taking into account the earliest date from which they could receive a state pension, was not unlawful age discrimination.

Liladhar v Barnardo’s

An Employment Tribunal upheld an age discrimination claim against Barnardo's.