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Lees v Imperial College

Did additional "pension strain cost" influence a decision not to make someone redundant?

Cockram v Air Products Plc

The EAT found an error in the ET's reasoning when looking at justification, so remitted the case for rehearing.

O v Bio Philippe Auguste SARL

The ECJ rules that it was not discrimination to withhold a 10% termination payment to a "young person" but make that payment to older persons.

Unland v Land Berlin

The ECJ has ruled on a German pay scheme where those over 35 years of age received greater pay compared to younger colleagues.

Palmer v Royal Bank of Scotland PLC

It wasn't age discrimination for RBS to decline to offer a redundant employee a chance to change her mind about voluntary redundancy or redeployment.

Mort and others v HMRC

Government wins test case that could have had major implications for public sector pay.

Whitham v Capita

A cut off of 55 for PHI payments was direct and indirect age discrimination.

Lloyd v BCQ

The EAT upheld the decision of an ET that an age discrimination claim centring around the contention that a benefit payable under an insurance contract was due to terminate at 65 was "a little short of absurd"

Hennigs v Eisenbahn-Bundesamt and Land Berlin v Mai

In these joined decisions, the ECJ has held that a term in a collective agreement which provides that the pay of a public sector employee is determined by reference to their age is unlawful.

Greer v Coulter

An 18 year old who was fired for claiming minimum wage was fired.

Harrison v Ministry of Defence

In an interim hearing, an ET finds that the test in Regulation 32(2) of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 is a mix of objective and subjective tests.

ABN Amro and others v Hogben

A change from one policy to another policy cannot in itself be a provision, criterion or practice for the purposes of the Age Regulations.