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Employment Tribunal

Mort and others v HMRC

Government wins test case that could have had major implications for public sector pay.

Shiret v Credit Suisse

Mr Shiret, a 55 year old banker, was made redundant but his 35 year old colleague kept his job. Was this age discrimination?

Roberts v Cash Zone

Calling an 18 year old a “teenager” was, despite being factually accurate, an age discriminatory comment as it was used in a derogatory way.

Reynolds v CLFIS

The ET finds no discrimination when decision maker didn't discriminate, but was influenced by others who might have discriminated.

Whitham v Capita

A cut off of 55 for PHI payments was direct and indirect age discrimination.

Campbell v Icopal Ltd

A job applicant passed three interview stages, but then had her offer of employment withdrawn after poor psychometric testing results. She failed in her age discrimination claim.

Quick v Cornwall Council

An ET reject an age discrimination claim on the basis that there was no "less faovurable treatment".

Liladhar v Barnardo’s

An Employment Tribunal upheld an age discrimination claim against Barnardo's.

Gimson v Telegraph

A sketch writer for the Daily Telegraph fails in his "implausible" age discrimination claim.