Facts and decision

The youngest claimant, in Wilkinson v Springwell Engineering Ltd (25.2.08, ET case no.2507420/07), was 18 when she was dismissed, ostensibly on grounds of her capability.  Having started work in January 2007, she was dismissed in mid-March on the grounds that she was ‘too young’ for the job.  The employer did not follow the statutory dismissal procedure, nor did it reply to an age discrimination questionnaire.  These factors led the tribunal to conclude that the employer had a stereotypical view that a younger person did not have the experience to do the role.  The claimant was awarded £5,000 compensation for injury to feelings with an uplift of 50% on account of the failure to follow the statutory procedure.

The judgment is available here.

Wilkinson v Springwell Engineering Ltd (25.2.08, ET case no.2507420/07)