Was it age discrimination for a Finnish law to tax pension income at a higher rate than earned income?

Khan v Adidas UK Ltd

The phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" was not age discrimination (nor was it religion or belief discrimination).

Terraneo v Whitbread Group Plc

A failure to investigate a Breakfast Supervisor's complaints of age discrimination was, in itself, age discrimination.

Fennell v Foot Anstey LLP

The EAT says that it was not age discrimination to demote a poor performing partner in a law firm.

Peters v Rock Chemicals Ltd

Various references to an individual's age during a process to dismiss him were age discrimination.

Lees v Imperial College

Did additional "pension strain cost" influence a decision not to make someone redundant?

Dove v Brown & Newirth Ltd

Calling a 50-something year old employee "Gramps" was banter but was also age discrimination.

Cockram v Air Products Plc

The EAT found an error in the ET's reasoning when looking at justification, so remitted the case for rehearing.

O v Bio Philippe Auguste SARL

The ECJ rules that it was not discrimination to withhold a 10% termination payment to a "young person" but make that payment to older persons.