Air Products Plc v Cockram

In this case, the Court of Appeal ruled that a good leaver provision in an LTIP could be objectively justified on the basis that the employer wished to achieve intergenerational fairness and consistency, reward experience and loyalty, and ensure a mix of generations of staff.



Peckham v Magnox Limited

This case is a reminder that, when justifying age discrimination, evidence that there are no less discriminatory alternatives is important to show proportionality.



Ms S Thornton v Le Maitre

A Tribunal dismissed a claim of age discrimination was dismissed after holding that, because of uncertainty about the Claimant's real age, the employer could not have known their age when terminating her.



Was it age discrimination for a Finnish law to tax pension income at a higher rate than earned income?

Khan v Adidas UK Ltd

The phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" was not age discrimination (nor was it religion or belief discrimination).

Terraneo v Whitbread Group Plc

A failure to investigate a Breakfast Supervisor's complaints of age discrimination was, in itself, age discrimination.

Fennell v Foot Anstey LLP

The EAT says that it was not age discrimination to demote a poor performing partner in a law firm.

Peters v Rock Chemicals Ltd

Various references to an individual's age during a process to dismiss him were age discrimination.