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GUEST BLOG: Holly Lynch MP argues National Minimum Wage bands incentivise age discrimination and should be abolished

28 July 2016

Source (Holly Lynch MP)

In this exclusive guest blog, Holly Lynch MP argues for abolishing the National Minimum Wage age bands and having one single rate applicable to all.

In Finland, nearly 350,000 have experienced age discrimination at workplace

14 July 2016

Source (Helsinki Times)

More than four-fifths, or 83 per cent, of the public are of the opinion that age discrimination is an obstacle for the career advancement opportunities of ageing employees in Finland, finds a survey.

The UN says that older people in the UK are victim of ageist abuse after being blamed for Brexit by angry remainers

05 July 2016

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

UN human rights expert Rosa Kornfeld-Matte has criticised European national newspapers and media outlets for stigmatising older people and scapegoating them in the wake of the Brexit vote.

In the US, a bipartisan group of congressmen want to reverse a Supreme Court decision and make to easier to bring age discrimination claims

28 June 2016

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

In 2009, the US Supreme Court decision of Gross v FBL Financial Services ruled that older workers must prove age discrimination was the “sole motivating factor” for the loss of their job.

Call for new measures to tackle age discrimination

13 June 2016

Source (Irish Legal)

Age discrimination protections should be extended to cover the provision of goods, facilities and services, according to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

Age discrimination will be banned under new Philippine law

09 June 2016

Source (

An anti-age discrimination law that will prohibit employers from imposing arbitrary age limitations will soon come into force after Congress in Philippines approved the measure before it adjourned on Monday (June 6).

National living wage: extra age band encourages discrimination

09 June 2016

Source (Personnel Today)

The national living wage encourages employers to recruit younger workers over older workers to cut costs in breach of age discrimination laws, argued Labour MP Holly Lynch during a parliamentary debate.

Two million older drivers don't think they are fit to be on the road

08 June 2016

Source (Rias)

New findings from insurance provider Rias have revealed that over 2 million UK drivers over 50 don’t think they would pass a practical driving test today.

Minimum wage rise 'is sparking age bias at work'

06 June 2016

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

More workers are facing age discrimination due to the rise in national minimum wage rates, a charity has claimed.

Building a thriving intergenerational in-house legal department

14 April 2016

Source (Law Society)

Today’s in-house legal departments have up to five different generations represented, each with its own values, motivations, needs and wants. And traditional management needs to change to accommodate a multigenerational workforce, says Rachel Brushfield

Older teachers 'put under intense pressure' to leave their jobs

27 March 2016

Source (

Pupils are losing out in the classroom because older teachers are being forced out of their jobs by school management, a teachers' union has warned.

Ageing workers don't win over employers: Job candidates suffer discrimination if they appear older than their age

26 March 2016

Source (Daily Mail)

Candidates applying for jobs can suffer age discrimination simply by promoting characteristics associated with older people, according to new research.

Women face age discrimination earlier and more often than men

29 October 2015

Source (Bloomberg)

A new US study from the National Economic Bureau of Research shows women facing persistent age discrimination as they get older.

Survey reveals Canada still has a way to go on workplace discrimination

27 October 2015

Source (The Globe and Mail)

One in five Canadians say they’ve been discriminated against at work because of their gender, according to a new survey conducted by international human resources consulting firm Randstad.

Which jobs could a 100-year-old do?

08 October 2015

Source (BBC)

Today's children could live to 120 and work until they're 100, it's been claimed. But which occupations might they take on?

Senators in US want to make it easier for older workers to claim age discrimination

08 October 2015

Source (Think Progress)

On Thursday, US senators will introduce the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (POWADA), a bill aimed at reversing a 2009 Supreme Court decision that made it much harder for workers to prove they have been victims of age discrimination.

Exclusion on the grounds of their age?

29 September 2015

Source (Barbados Today)

Age discrimination does not get much media attention in Barbados. However, for a large segment of the Barbadian population, it is a reality being experienced for no other reason than the fact that they have reached a certain age.

Survey: One-third of Czechs encounter age discrimination

10 September 2015

Source (Prague Monitor)

Some 34 percent of Czechs have encountered age discrimination when looking for a job or right at work, daily Pravo writes Wednesday, quoting the figures from a poll conducted by the portal.

Study: World's best place to be old is Switzerland

10 September 2015

Source (

Switzerland beat out Norway and Sweden for the first place spot this year in an annual ranking of the best countries in the world to be old.

Inside story: Uphill battle for older workers

08 September 2015

Source (

In New Zealand, 65+ year olds are the people who today inject around $14 billion a year into the Kiwi economy and undertake unpaid and voluntary work worth $8.5 billion annually. So why are they not valued more?

Who's suing the Big Bang Theory for age discrimination?

08 September 2015

Source (

As it enters its ninth season, The Big Bang Theory is an aging sitcom. But a recently-fired employee of the show claims in a new lawsuit he was ousted because of his age, despite his years of experience in the industry.

Age discrimination in Singapore

06 September 2015

Source (Today online)

First, it suggested raising incomes through a national minimum wage. Now, the Workers’ Party (WP) campaign is rolling on with ideas in another policy area: improving retirement, as age discrimination in the workforce has become a problem.

Should older academics make way for younger ones? Or is this unecessary age discrimination?

03 September 2015

Source (Times Higher Education)

Do “older academics” really need to “make room for the young?” According to a recent opinion article in the Times Higher Education publication, they most certainly do.

Call For Law On Age Discrimination To Be Extended

27 August 2015

Source (4ni)

There is no protection against age discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services for anyone in Northern Ireland according to the Equality Commission.

Quantity of jobs for older women in Scotland is growing but what about the quality?

25 August 2015

Source (Herald Scotland)

The number of older women in employment in Scotland has been steadily growing for two decades. For many, paid work is a positive choice, reflecting better education, improved health and more freedom to decide how to live their lives. But not for all...

Retired police officers lose 'A19' age discrimination claim

08 July 2015

Source (BBC)

About 400 police officers who were forced to retire have lost their claim for age discrimination at a tribunal.

Ageism is biggest obstacle to employability of older Singaporeans

22 May 2015

Source (Today Online)

It appears that ageism may be responsible for the rise in the number of redundancies and the difficulties faced by older Singaporeans trying to re-enter the workforce

Age discrimination reported by 27% of older workers in Australia

22 April 2015

Source (Guardian)

Human Rights Commission report found ‘a third of people who had experienced age discrimination gave up looking for work as a result’

Tory crackdown on mortgage 'age discrimination'

20 April 2015

Source (Telegraph)

David Cameron says he will help protect people taking advantage of the government's new pensions 'revolution' by appointing Dr Ros Altmann as minister for consumer protection

1,086 officers seek compensation after age discrimination ruling

10 March 2015

Source (BBC)

More than 1,000 former senior police officers are seeking compensation after being forced to retire under the controversial regulation A19.

Ageism tsar Dr Ros Altmann warns recruiters in crackdown on discrimination

07 March 2015

Source (Independent)

Recruitment firms should be threatened with the Equality and Human Rights Commission if they fail to do more to prevent age discrimination, the Government’s champion for the rights of older workers has declared.

Madonna: Ageism is wrong

07 March 2015

Source (Music Now)

Madonna is convinced people are fabulous in all epochs of their lives and she despises ageism: "I feel like it's a form of discrimination that still has not been dealt with and it should be"

Umpires challenge their dismissal from cricket aged 65 because of age discrimination. Claimed they are 'too old to stand for long periods of time'

03 February 2015

Source (Daily Mail)

George Sharp and former England batsman Peter Willey are experienced umpires but must retire before the coming season. Cricket board admits the retirement age is not based on evidence.

O-level generation 'face age discrimination'

18 January 2015

Source (The Telegraph)

The Government's 'older workers tsar' suggests holders of the pre-1988 secondary school qualification should consider deleting them from their CVs and substituting GCSEs instead

Deloitte faces pension age discrimination probe

24 October 2014

Source (Global Legal Post)

An investigation by the US's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) into the Deloitte retirement age of 62 for partners could have implications for law firms.

Swiss could do more to tackle age discrimination at work

23 October 2014

Source (

Swiss workers aged 55 and older are less likely to be unemployed in Switzerland than in many other countries. Still, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says Switzerland could do more to combat age discrimination.

Voters in Hawaii to decide on mandatory retirement age for judges

23 October 2014

Source (Hawaii News Now)

Judges in Hawaii, including justices of the state Supreme Court, are forced to retire when they reach the age of 70. But how old is too old?

West Midlands Police officers get £2.5m in early retirement payoffs amid age discrimination problems

09 October 2014

Source (Birmingham Post)

West Midlands Police has paid out more than £2.5 million to 207 officers who were forced into early retirement in a scheme which has since been declared unlawful age discrimination.

MoD faces age discrimination fight over recruitment of 16 year olds

08 October 2014

Source (Independent)

British soldiers have to serve until age 22 regardless of their joining age: a 16-year-old recruit must serve six years and a 17-year-old five years. Adults just serve minimum 4 years. Campaigners claim this is age discrimination.

Old face job ad 'discrimination'

08 October 2014

Source (BBC News)

James Davies of Lewis Silkin LLP is quoted speaking to the BBC about their investigation into potentially age discriminatory job adverts.

Under 30s in Finland experience more age discrimination than over 50s

07 October 2014

Source (yle)

Professor Seppo Koskinen cautions that age discrimination may increase as the official retirement age in Finland is raised, not all of the statistics bear out a bias against older employees.

In Bermuda, the Government is asked to clarify its stance on ageism

17 September 2014

Source (Royal Gazette)

Campaigners are calling on Government to clarify when it will fulfil its promise to outlaw age discrimination in the workplace.

Fuller Working Lives: our summary and comments

18 August 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Large numbers of over 50s exit the labour market early, putting them at risk of poverty and costing the economy billions in the process. "Fuller Working Lives" is the Government's strategy to minimise this and encourage more older workers.

Age and time taken to find employment following redundancy: an update

18 August 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Previously, we have carried out research into the length of time it takes people of various ages to find a new job following redundancy. The research strongly suggested that employers had embraced age discrimination legislation. Is that still the case?

Retiring the DRA - what has been the impact?

14 August 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The Default Retirement Age was abolished in 2011. What has been the impact upon employment of over 65s? We've crunched the numbers and you won't believe what we discovered...

Older workers aren’t causing youth unemployment

11 August 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Increasing the employment of older workers generally has no detrimental impact on the employment of younger workers, according to a recent report by the independent research organisation IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor).

Fact checking the Daily Mail: over 60s in employment

04 August 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

In a recent article, the Daily Mail made a series of statistical claims relating to earnings of the over 60s. We take a look to see whether they were correct...

Engineers accuse Boeing of age discrimination

25 July 2014

Source (

The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace filed complaints Wednesday at the state Human Rights Commission and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the aerospace giant

Older People's Commissioner for Wales Welcomes Publication of the Declaration of the Rights of Older People

16 July 2014

Source (

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has strongly welcomed the introduction of a Welsh Declaration of the Rights of Older People, which will protect and enhance the rights of older people across Wales.

Britain's army of unemployed over-50s given new 'Older Workers' Champion' to tackle growing 'ageism' in the workplace

16 July 2014

Source (Daily Mail)

A former pensions advisor to Tony Blair has been appointed as the Government's new 'Older Workers' Champion', amid growing concern over the number of over 50s left on the scrap heap.

Reynolds v CLFIS (EAT decision)

21 May 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The EAT says: don't just look at whether the decision maker discriminated - also those who might have influenced the decision maker.

Enniskillen pensioner 'denied hip operation due to age'

06 May 2014

Source (BBC)

A pensioner has claimed she was denied surgery after being automatically deemed "unfit" because she was over 70. Pat Kelso from County Fermanagh said she needed a hip operation in 2012 but there was a 68-week waiting list in the Western Health Trust area.

Philippines Government urged to ban age discrimination in workplace

06 May 2014

Source (The Philippine Star)

An organisation looking after the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) has started an online petition in asking Congress to enact a law that will ban age discrimination in workplaces nationwide.

Age discrimination back in the spotlight

24 April 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

James Davies and Lee Nair of Lewis Silkin comment in the Solicitors Journal on the newly drafted EHRC statutory code on age discrimination.

Amid age critiques, Clinton urges ending age discrimination

24 April 2014

Source (Political Ticker)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used remarks at a women's leadership conference in Boston to urge more female participation and, in a new comment for the former first lady, pushed to end age discrimination of women.

Michael Buerk criticises TV presenters who 'cry ageism'

08 April 2014

Source (Telegraph)

Michael Buerk criticises television presenters who complain of ageism, arguing those given jobs 'because they look nice' cannot protest when they lose them

New age discrimination legislation planned in Philippines

21 March 2014

Source (Inquirer)

Bill going through Philippine House of Representatives will impose up to 1 years imprisonment for age discrimination.

Purple Parking workers win ageism battle after dozens sacked for 'being too old'

10 March 2014

Source (Independent)

Britain’s biggest airport car parking company, Purple Parking, has admitted age discrimination against its workers after it sacked dozens of them for being too old.

Man wins $26m in age discrimination claim

03 March 2014

Source (LA Daily News)

In what an attorney says is the largest award of its kind in Los Angeles legal history, a 66-year-old man was awarded $26 million by a jury that found he was discriminated against and harassed based upon his age by his supervising managers at Staples.

Age discrimination police could win pay-outs

05 February 2014

Source (Telegraph)

Employment tribunal rules it was age discrimination for chief constables to force officers' retirement through use of police regulations

BBC age discrimination? Not true says Nicholas Parsons, 90

04 February 2014

Source (Daily Mail)

Given he still presents a hit radio show at 90, he can certainly congratulate himself on his own longevity. And according to Nicholas Parsons, women have no reason to complain about age discrimination either.

Australian age discrimination commissioner Susan Ryan says older workers are being pushed out of jobs because of ageism

31 January 2014

Source (The Australian)

Younger bosses who nag older workers to take redundancies, tell them they're too old to receive training or deny them promotion are forcing thousands into early retirement.

How older staff boost the office: Employees feel colleagues aged over 55 act as good role models

30 January 2014

Source (Daily Mail)

Most people believe having an older colleague has a positive effect on the workplace, often because they can be good role models or mentors, a new study has shown.

Age discrimination case: David Dalziel loses fire service tribunal

29 January 2014

Source (BBC)

The former head of Grampian's fire service has lost an age discrimination case, the BBC Scotland news website has learned.

Summary of cases relating to justification of retirement ages

29 January 2014

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

We have prepared a summary of all cases featured on our site that relate to justification of retirement ages.

A quarter of 45-54 year olds in Netherlands claim to be victim of age discrimination

24 January 2014

Source (Dutch News)

New data suggest ageism rife in Nethlerlands

Age discrimination - a practical guide to the law

13 December 2013

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Read our new guide on age discrimination.

Age discrimination in Malaysia: "End discrimination of the aged"

13 December 2013

Source (New Straits Times)

Article on age discrimination in Malaysia

Survey says one in seven aged 45+ in US has encountered age discrimination

13 December 2013

Source (Today's Facilities Manager)

One out of eight people age 18 to 24 (13%) say they have also experienced age discrimination.

Four out of five older people think they've been victims of age discrimination in recruitment

03 December 2013

Source (Express and Star)

Four out of five over 60-year-olds believe they have been rejected for a job because of their age, according to a new study.

Age discrimination claim hearing for former Grampian fire chief David Dalziel

02 December 2013

Source (BBC News)

The former chief fire officer for Grampian is to claim at an employment tribunal that he was the victim of age discrimination.

Age old issues

28 November 2013

Source (

What will be the effect of ageing on the future of work?

Devon and Cornwall police age discrimination tribunal draws to a close

26 November 2013

Source (This is Cornwall)

Final legal submissions are being made in a long-running police age discrimination employment tribunal involving former officers from Devon and Cornwall.

Message to older Danish workers: No help wanted

26 November 2013

Source (Copenhagen Post)

There is still age discrimination in the Danish labour market. According to a poll carried out by YouGov for Ældre Sagen, a senior citizens’ lobby group, more than a quarter of people over 60 who retire do so unwillingly.

Pension? You've left it too late: 'Retirement reality' wake-up call comes aged 48

22 November 2013

Source (Daily Mail)

People suddenly start thinking about retirement aged 48. But by then it's already far too late

Age discrimination "rampant" for those aged 50+ in New York, says AARP

14 October 2013

Source (PR BG)

When someone over the age of 55 loses a job it takes them about 4 months longer than their younger counterparts to find another one – and even when they have a job, the scenario is far from rosy for many in New York City.

One in three older adults reports age discrimination

09 October 2013

Source (Reuters)

Many older adults report age discrimination, according to a new study.

Furious row erupts between presenter and former BBC boss over TV ageism 'apology' claims

07 October 2013

Source (Mail online)

There has never been any love lost between the former controller of BBC1, Jay Hunt, and Miriam O’Reilly, the presenter she sacked at 51. A new age discrimination row has erupted after Jay Hunt gave evidence at John McCririck's ageism Tribunal...

McCririck too irritating, not too old, says Channel 4

03 October 2013

Source (i)

The controversial pundit John Mc-Cririck was dropped from Channel 4's horse-racing programmes because he was "unappealing and irritating" to viewers, not because of his age, a senior executive at the broadcaster has claimed.

Thousands of older people feel written off by the NHS, study claims

03 October 2013

Source (Telegraph)

Tens of thousands of people over 52 believe they receive the worst treatment from the NHS as one in 10 say doctors and nurses write them off because of their age.

John McCririck age discrimination case begins

30 September 2013

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

Racing pundit John McCririckinsisted today that he had played the part of a "pantomime villain" and claimed he had never been ordered to tone down his on-screen style.

Older workers still have much to offer

12 September 2013

Source (Telegraph)

Our population is ageing and the workforce growing greyer, with Wednesday’s jobs data showing the number of over-65s in employment continuing to rise.

Steve Webb ‘determined’ to tackle age discrimination and help older people work for longer

04 September 2013

Source (

Pensions Minister Steve Webb is “determined” to tackle age discrimination.

Ageism is baseless: we need a human rights convention for older people

01 August 2013

Source (Guardian)

Article from the Guardian argues that social attitudes and legal protection lag behind the changing demographics and our ageing population. Is it time for international action on age discrimination?

From the US - AARP strongly supports bipartisan bill to fight age discrimination

31 July 2013

Source (AARP)

A 2009 Supreme Court decision significantly weakened federal age discrimination law. Now the AARP wants to put things back to how they were.

Philippines senator files measure to end 'age discrimination' in workplace

16 July 2013

Source (Interaksyon)

Philippines set to ban age discrimination in workplace

Used cars salesman told by bosses he was 'too old' to work at just 52

15 July 2013

Source (Birmingham Mail)

Gary Hawkins, from Sutton Coldfield, was told his career at a dealership was over because of his advanced years

Alan Titchmarsh: "Older women - stop complaining about TV age discrimination"

24 June 2013

Source (Telegraph)

Alan Titchmarsh has suggested that women television presenters should stop “whingeing” about being passed over once they reach a certain age, claiming that they fare better than men earlier in their careers.

Inspired by the Obama visit, young people in Northern Ireland call for an end to age discrimination

20 June 2013

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

Age discrimination in goods and services is not unlawful in Northern Ireland, but young people are calling for change

A ban on workplace age discrimination still under consideration in Bermuda

06 June 2013

Source (Royal Gazette)

The Bermudan Government is still looking at prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of age in the workplace, according to Community Minister Wayne Scott, but no timeline is in place.

Flamboyant presenter McCririck begins £3m age discrimination case against Channel 4

03 June 2013

Source (Mail Online)

Horse racing pundit John McCririck today launched a £3m age discrimination claim against his former employers, Channel 4.

Harriett Harman highlights lack of older women on television

16 May 2013

Source (Huffington Post)

Older women are barely visible on TV because of a combination of sex and age discrimination, it has been claimed.

Where's Anna Ford?

16 May 2013

Source (Mail Online)

Actress Julie Walters asks what has happened to the authoritative voice of BBC News.

Depression and physical decline: why retirement can seriously damage your health

16 May 2013

Source (Independent)

Retirement can cause a drastic decline in health, according to a study released today.

Bill in Philippines will outlaw age discrimination

24 April 2013

Source (Philstar)

Old and young people in the Philippines will have equal opportunities to get employed under the proposed “Anti-age Discrimination in Employment Act.”

Age discrimination campaigner Miriam O'Reilly to stand as Labour MP

16 April 2013

Source (Independent)

Miriam O’Reilly, the former BBC Countryfile presenter who successfully took the corporation to an employment tribunal after being dropped from its flagship rural affairs show, is to seek election as a Labour MP.

Workers in the City say their employers are less committed to dealing with age discrimination than to other forms of discrimination

02 April 2013

Source (

The survey of City employees found that while 33.5% said their employer was ‘very committed’ to gender diversity, and 32.5% to race, only 22% said their employer showed the same level of commitment to age diversity.

Ageing Britain: Half of our children will live to be 103 and the first person to reach 150 has already been born

14 March 2013

Source (Mail online)

Half of today’s children will live until the age of 103, meaning people will have to work for longer to support themselves, a major inquiry has concluded.

Retire? I'm only 90! The B&Q worker who refuses to put his feet up after working for seven decades

14 March 2013

Source (Mail online)

With rising state pension age, we have all been warned we will be working longer in the future. But that doesn’t bother Albert Billington, who is happy being one of Britain’s oldest workers.

The oldest winger in town: Rugby player vows to keep on playing after scoring try on his NINETIETH birthday

14 March 2013

Source (Mail online)

With its bone-crunching tackles, and fast-paced action, rugby is one of the world's toughest games. But trying telling that to grandfather Easton Roy who has pledged to keep on playing - just days after scoring a try on his ninetieth birthday.

Employers 'reluctant to hire over-50s' as they can't force them to retire at 65

12 March 2013

Source (Mail online)

Unemployed people in their 50s are finding their desperate hunt for a job ‘made worse’ by a key Government rule change, a damning report warned yesterday.

BBC in ageism row over retirement of 'voice of cycling'

04 March 2013

Source (Telegraph)

The BBC was embroiled in a fresh age discrimination row last night after sacking 73-year-old “voice of cycling” Hugh Porter in favour of a younger colleague.

Woman sues Labour Party over sex and age discrimination claims

22 February 2013

Source (BBC)

Anna Dyer, 63, has lodged a civil claim for £18,000 against the party at Glasgow Sheriff Court, citing age and sex discrimination.

Police forced retirement 'justified'

22 February 2013

Source (BBC)

A police force accused of age discrimination was "justified" in forcibly retiring officers who had served 30 years, a tribunal has heard.

Executive's age discrimination claims thrown out by tribunal

13 February 2013

Source (Gloucestershire Echo)

Pak Wong, a former commercial director with Bovis Homes Ltd, has lost an age discrimination claim.

Former Devon and Cornwall police officers to claim age discrimination at tribunal

24 January 2013

Source (This Is The West Country)

Devon and Cornwall police officers who were offered compulsory retirement will accuse the force of age discrimination at an employment tribunal.

In New York, the Daily News is being sued for age discrimination by a former photo editor

11 January 2013

Source (Capital)

David Burns, a picture editor at the News since 2010, is taking the tabloid to court for "discriminatory and retaliatory practices," alleging specifically that he was "harassed and overlooked for promotions based on his age and health issues".

Pensions minister Steve Webb: "the era of early retirement is over"

10 January 2013

Source (Telegraph)

The age of early retirement is over, the pensions minister has declared, as he warned workers in their 30s that the government had no idea when they would be able to retire.

John McCririck seeks £3m damages from Channel 4 over alleged age discrimination

09 January 2013

Source (Guardian)

Former horse racing pundit to bring age discrimination proceedings against broadcaster after being dropped from presenting team and replaced with the BBC's Olympics star Clare Balding

Business: Bring back the retirement age

06 December 2012

Source (Telegraph)

More older people working longer is causing a bottleneck for younger staff - who will leave to join a rival company, organisations warn in a new report.

Ageism in hospitals 'leaves elderly heart attack and breast cancer victims to die'

04 December 2012

Source (Mail Online)

Report reveals extent of age discrimination across the NHS, with doctors making ‘inaccurate assumptions’ about patients based on their dates of birth.

Couple sue for IVF in landmark 'age discrimination' case

02 December 2012

Source (Telegraph)

A childless couple who have been refused NHS fertility treatment are suing Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, for age discrimination in a landmark legal case.

Abercrombie & Fitch settles age-discrimination claim in the US

27 November 2012

Source (BizJournals)

Employees who worked on the company jet had an unusual dress code, including mandatory boxer briefs, jeans below the waist, and a compulsory “spritz” of Abercrombie cologne.

B&Q accused of age discrimination

23 November 2012

Source (Mail online)

An 81-year-old checkout worker is suing DIY giant B&Q for unfair dismissal, claiming she was sacked for being too old.

Project launched to challenge age discrimination in Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan

22 November 2012

Source (Your Cardiff)

A major new project to challenge negative stereotypes about young and older people has been launched in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

One in two unaware of repeal of Default Retirement Age

16 November 2012

Source (Telegraph)

More than a third of older people intend to work past 65.

Magic Johnson sued for age discrimination

15 November 2012

Source (NY News)

A former employee of Magic Johnson says her dismissal over tardiness was actually a “pretext” for ageism. She is 45 years old.

From Malta: "forced retirement is age discrimination"

15 November 2012

Source (Times of Malta)

Comment from Malta on the ECJ's decision in Commission v Hungary, a case about forced retirement of judges.

Ageism in Mongolia

09 November 2012

Source (UB Post)

An account of the age discrimination problem in Mongolia, a country with a culture of deep respect for elders but yet has routine age limits for jobs.

Four-in-10 over-55s will work part-time in retirement

06 November 2012

Source (Telegraph)

One in three Britons doesn’t plan to give up work when they reach retirement age, rising to four in 10 over-55s, according to a survey.

Captain of industry is sued for age discrimination after he stunned his personal assistant when she turned 50 by allegedly telling her: "I need to trade you in for a younger model"

05 November 2012

Source (Mail online)

Dawn Bailey claims she was forced out of her £75,000-a-year post with Lockheed Martin, one of the world's largest defence firms. She was PA to Stephen Ball, 59, but claims he announced four days after her 50th birthday that he wanted a "younger team"

‘Long overdue’ pledge to outlaw age discrimination in Bermuda is welcomed

05 November 2012

Source (Royal Gazette)

The Government in Bermuda has pledged to replace the outdated Human Rights Act with broader legislation that addresses sexual orientation and age discrimination.

John McCririck rants at 'age discrimination' after he was sacked by Channel 4 following 'audience research'

26 October 2012

Source (TNT Magazine)

Racing pundit John McCririck has been dropped by Channel 4 to be replaced by a younger team headed up by acclaimed London 2012 presenter Clare Balding.

How old is too old? Calls are being made to lift or abolish the age restriction for General Skilled Migrants amid claims Australia's migration program could be in conflict with anti age discrimination legislation

24 October 2012

Source (SBS)

Is Australia's migration program in conflict with age discrimination legislation?

Tribunal says coach in age discrimination row 'needed to get a move on'

16 October 2012

Source (Staffordshire Newsletter)

A former professional footballer, now 46, has lost a claim for age discrimination against the Football Association at Staffordshire.

NHS accused of age discrimination over lifesaving surgery

15 October 2012

Source (Guardian)

Older people are being denied vital surgery for cancer, hernia repairs and joint replacements because the NHS imposes "cutoffs" for treatment based on age discrimination, a report has warned.

Labour turns to BBC stars as Harriet Harman sets up new commission to tackle age discrimination

01 October 2012

Source (The Independent)

Labour is setting up a commission led by Miriam O'Reilly, the former Countryfile presenter, and Arlene Phillips, the former Strictly Come Dancing judge, to tackle age discrimination against women over the age of 50.

Miriam O’Reilly, the presenter who won her age discrimination case, claims renewed BBC 'hostility'

22 September 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Miriam O’Reilly, the presenter who won an age discrimination case against the BBC, has made a new complaint against the corporation claiming executive “hostility” after she was rehired.

Strathclyde Police face age discrimination claim

18 September 2012

Source (BBC)

A former trainee police officer is suing Strathclyde Police over claims she was discriminated against because of her age and gender.

Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman has hit out at age discrimination against older women

29 August 2012

Source (Mail online)

Miss Harman, who is also shadow culture secretary, said many viewers were females of a certain age who themselves ‘don’t want to be written out of the public domain’.

An award-winning BBC producer who lost a claim for age discrimination has been told to pay £10,000 costs

24 August 2012

Source (Birmingham Mail)

Devan Maistry, of Edgbaston, was 59 when he made his allegations, telling a Birmingham employment tribunal he suffered age discrimination by the BBC for six years.

Age UK survey finds that "elderly" is old hat; over 65s prefer being called "grey panthers"

30 July 2012

Source (Age UK)

Nearly all (97%) of over-65s who were asked said they certainly do not like the term 'elderly', whilst calling those aged 65 and over 'grey panthers' or 'silver surfers' is preferable to calling them 'old-age pensioners', according to an Age UK survey.

Dramatic fall in age discrimination claims

26 July 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Official figures show that the number of age discrimination claims brought against employers has plummeted over the past 12 months.

Woman TV presenter sues for age discrimination after she was 'told she's too old to be an anchor'

26 July 2012

Source (Mail online)

One of New York's most well-known newscasters has taken the stand in solidarity with a former news director suing WPIX for $4.5m over age discrimination.

Canadians believe employers discriminate against older applicants

23 July 2012

Source (

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians believe workplaces are shunning older job applicants based solely on their age, a worrisome finding given labour force trends in Canada.

In Mexico, there are over 7m in older people in poverty and nearly 30% are victims of age discrimination...

23 July 2012

Source (Yucatan Times)

...but there are no federal laws against age discrimination.

Former Daily Telegraph sketchwriter loses age discrimination case

20 July 2012

Source (Guardian)

Senior Daily Telegraph journalist Andrew Gimson has lost a case claiming that he was unfairly dismissed after more than seven years as the newspaper's main parliamentary sketchwriter because of age discrimination.

Ukraine legislates to tackle age discrimination

17 July 2012

Source (Interfax)

A new law on employment envisages incentives for employers which will help eliminate age discrimination in employment, Deputy Prime Minister - Social Policy Minister of Ukraine Sergiy Tigipko has said

Bermuda plans new age discrimination laws

14 July 2012

Source (BDA Sun)

Youth, Families and Sport Minister Glenn Blakeney outlined plans to amend the Bermudan Human Rights Act to outlaw age discrimination (and sexual orientation discrimination).

Get back on air, new BBC chief tells the woman sacked for being too old

06 July 2012

Source (Independent)

The new BBC director-general, George Entwistle, has told Miriam O'Reilly, the presenter who won a landmark age discrimination case against the corporation, that he wants her to return to screens in a prominent presenting role.

Millionaire venture capitalist Greg Hutchings set to fail in his age discrimination claim against England Hockey Board over its selection criteria

03 July 2012

Source (Mail online)

Millionaire venture capitalist Greg Hutchings fears he will fail in his expensive attempt to change the England Hockey Board's policy of allowing players to represent England in this year's Hockey Masters World Cup only in their own five-year age category

In Scotland, primary school teacher brings age discrimination claim against Edinburgh school

30 June 2012

Source (Scotsman)

Glenn Telfer claims he was the top candidate for a permanent post at an Edinburgh primary after doing the job for several months and earning plaudits from parents and his boss.

Over-50s stuck unemployed as firms flout age discrimination rules with 'huge bias' against older workers

22 June 2012

Source (This Is Money)

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show 428,000 over-50s out of work.

Daily Telegraph in age discrimination battle over claims editor 'tried to force sketchwriter into inferior role'

20 June 2012

Source (Guardian)

Tony Gallagher denies age discrimination after Andrew Gimson was fired to make way for a writer who was 20 years younger.

Rampant age discrimination sees older workers rejected from jobs

20 June 2012

Source (Policy Exchange)

Older workers are less likely than equally-qualified youngsters to be offered jobs because of widespread ageism in the British labour market, new research has found.

Pensioners lose age discrimination battle over insurance prices

13 June 2012

Source (Telegraph (paper version only))

Older people will continue to pay higher prices for insurance after ministers decided that age discrimination laws would not be applied to financial services. Campaigners reacted angrily to the Government's announcement.

Theresa May announces blanket ban on age discrimination in NHS

11 June 2012

Source (The Guardian)

Series of critical reports in past year have uncovered examples of elderly people suffering abuse and neglect at hands of carers

Israeli lawyers gear up for age discrimination fight over forced retirement laws

07 June 2012

Source (The Jerusalem Post)

A prominent labor lawyer announced on Tuesday that she is gearing up to challenge systematic age discrimination highlighted most extremely by a 40-year-old law that forces people to retire at the age of 67

Lots of age discrimination complaints in the Netherlands

07 June 2012

Source (Dutch news)

Most of the age-related complaints came from people aged 50 to 69. Very few people over the age of 50 successfully find work if they have lost their jobs.

Nursery nurse planning to sue her local primary care trust for age discrimination

06 June 2012

Source (Independent)

Too young to have IVF: 24-year-old Andrea Heywood fights against age discrimination and her right to fertility treatment

Poll shows many Czechs think age discrimination is rife in their country

06 June 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The latest poll by polling institute STEM shows that many Czechs still believe discrimination to be rife in the Czech Republic, with age discrimination considered to be the most serious problem.

Australia's age discrimination commissioner: we can't afford age inequality and must plug $60bn pension gap

06 June 2012

Source (Sydney Morning Herald)

She calls for dismantling of the barriers to the workforce for older people, how to deal with the $60bn in extra costs from the ageing population and life expectancy of Australians.

Berkeley settles age discrimination claim for £5m

31 May 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Berkeley Group has reached an out–of–court settlement worth £5m with one of founder Tony Pidgley's longest–serving lieutenants after the company was accused of age discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Older people in Britain are more concerned about age discrimination than their European neighbours; but age discrimination cuts boths ways as older people admit to "negative feelings" towards those in 20s

25 May 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The report suggests that if we are serious about the need to tackle age discrimination, increasing opportunities for meaningful intergenerational contact would be a good place to start.

Australian Traffic Network accused of age discrimination by ex-employee

24 May 2012

Source (Crikey)

Australia's leading helicopter traffic report network has been accused of age discrimination in a swingeing statement of claim lodged in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

Teacher's age discrimination claims against eight schools in the midlands struck out

22 May 2012

Source (Birmingham Mail)

Eight Birmingham schools have successfully opposed compensation claims for age discrimination by a teacher who complained his job applications were rejected because he was 55.

Once the preserve of new young graduates, a growing number of older people are finding new opportunities in internships

15 May 2012

Source (Guardian)

The number of interns over 25 is rising, but while maturity brings expertise – and benefits the economy – apprentices face a number of age-related issues, not least age discrimination.

Age discrimination in goods and services as Tesco bans 16 year olds from store

09 May 2012

Source (Coventry Telegraph)

Youngsters under the age of 17 are being turned away from the Tesco Express store opposite Ernesford Grange School in Coventry after complaints about theft and staff intimidation.

Follow up: 19 year old brushes off ageist slurs to win local election

08 May 2012

Source (Chronicle)

Carl Johnson claimed to be a victim of age discrimination after election rival Chris Croft distributed leaflets which criticised him for his paucity of years. Labour candidate Johnson received 1,556 compared to Lib Dem Croft's 883.

Cambridge University adopt retirement age of 67 to promote "inter-generational fairness"

08 May 2012

Source (People Management)

Cambridge University has introduced a compulsory retirement age of 67 for its academics to promote “intergenerational fairness” and enable career progression. The move will not apply to any non-academic staff.

Allegations of age discrimination as 25-year-old Miss Ireland is stripped of her crown for being "too old"

02 May 2012

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

Miss Mayo Marie Hughes was crowned Miss Ireland just last Saturday night, ahead of 30 other competitors, but was stripped of her title the next day she was told that she would be too old to compete in Miss World.

David Cameron accused of age discrimination (again)

01 May 2012

Source (BBC)

Labour politicians have criticised David Cameron for what they said were "disgusting and shameful" ageist remarks about long-serving MP Dennis Skinner.

Older women should earn their place on television through experience and not tokenism, according to Sian Williams

01 May 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Williams, who co-hosted BBC Breakfast and is about to join Radio 4, said she disagreed with female presenters being handed jobs merely to fill quotas.

Allegations of age discrimination from 19-year-old North Tyneside council Labour Party candidate

30 April 2012

Source (Chronicle Live)

At 19 years old, law student Carl Johnson is the youngest candidate ever to represent Tyneside’s Labour party as he fights for a seat in the Battle Hill ward. But after just weeks on the campaign trail, Carl believes he's the victim of age discrimination.

IFA fights over CII’s ‘ageist’ 10-year degree rule

26 April 2012

Source (FT adviser)

The Chartered Insurance Institute could be set for a clash with the Equality and Human Rights Commission after an adviser claimed the EHRC told him the CII’s 10-year degree rule was ‘ageist’.

Seldon age discrimination appeal fails at Supreme Court

25 April 2012

Source (FT)

The FT reports on the Seldon age discrimination case in the Supreme Court

Seldon v Clarkson Wright and Jakes (Supreme Court)

25 April 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Employers can force retirement only if they have aims of a "public interest nature". Lady Hale said “All businesses will now have to give careful consideration to what, if any, mandatory retirement rules can be justified”

Ninety six Police Officers "forced to retire" are bringing age discrimination claims

20 April 2012

Source (Oracle)

Ninety-six retired officers from Devon and Cornwall Police are taking the force to Employment Tribunal in May arguing its use of Police regulation A19 is unjust. A19 allows a force to retire an officer if they have over 30 years service.

In Northern Ireland, civil servants' age discrimination case cost taxpayer nearly £70,000

18 April 2012

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

Allegations of age discrimination brought by senior civil servants have cost the taxpaper nearly £70,000 even though the tribunal they launched to take up their case was abandoned.

Britain risks economic underperformance by prioritising youth ahead of experience

17 April 2012

Source (SME web)

92.8 per cent of jobseekers aged over 50 feel the Government is ignoring the problem of over 50s unemployment, according to new research.

Kidderminster firm denies employee's age discrimination claim

11 April 2012

Source (Kidderminster Shuttle)

A 64-year-old ground worker is seeking compensation for age discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal after complaining a Kidderminster building and civil engineering firm wanted to “get rid of him” by stopping his transport to work.

Over 25s could bring age discrimination claims against companies given taxpayer cash for employing the young

03 April 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Employers could be sued under age discrimination laws for taking part in Nick Clegg’s £1 billion scheme to get young people jobs, the Government’s own official guidance has warned.

The 'grey panthers' proving that women can ditch the dye, thrive in notoriously ageist corporate environment and beat age discrimination

03 April 2012

Source (Mail online)

A new breed of 'grey panthers' has emerged. The term refers to those women who embrace their full heads of grey hair while maintaining high-climbing careers.

Elderly dying due to 'despicable age discrimination in NHS'

25 March 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Thousands of elderly people are dying unnecessarily early because ‘despicable’ age discrimination in the NHS is denying them treatment for cancer, a charity has warned.

Miriam O'Reilly: There was seething resentment when I went back to BBC after my age discrimination victory

25 March 2012

Source (Guardian)

When Miriam O'Reilly won her landmark age discrimination case against the BBC she said she was looking forward to returning to work for the corporation and unveiled plans for a support group for women facing similar difficulties.

Onetime TV golden girl Carol Smillie says she has been frozen out of the industry; she is finding out the tough way about the prevalence of age discrimination in the media

25 March 2012

Source (Mirror)

Ten years on from her ­Changing Rooms heyday, Carol Smillie ­is beginning to feel frozen out from the industry.

Anna Ford criticises BBC over ageism

19 March 2012

Source (BBC)

Former newsreader Anna Ford has accused the BBC of "tokenism" in the debate over ageism on television.

Storm as experienced TV weatherman sues CBS for age discrimination claiming they favour 'unqualified attractive young women'

19 March 2012

Source (Mail online)

An experienced TV weatherman has sued CBS broadcasting for sex and age discrimination claiming his job applications were ignored purely because he isn't a 20-somthing and female.

Study finds ageism and age discrimination is not widespread in Australia

16 March 2012

Source (Canberra Times)

Age discrimination against older workers is not nearly as widespread as the community believes, a new survey of over 3,000 workers shows.

Retaining older workers is vital to plugging employment gap, says CIPD

08 March 2012

Source (askGrapevine HR)

British companies will need to retain their ageing talent as the number of people retiring over the next ten years may outnumber the number of people finishing education.

Pensioners face steep rises in travel insurance

05 March 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Pensioners holidaying abroad this summer face being hit by annual increases of up to 90 per cent in the cost of their travel insurance, in what age charities have called a “shocking” example of age discrimination.

Poor, lonely and cold: life in Britain for the over-60s

04 March 2012

Source (Independent)

As Age UK survey finds 60% of UK thinks age discrimination is widespread, a mass lobby of Parliament on Tuesday will aim to get the Government to reform and boost funding for social care.

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales speaks out on government shelving of elimination of age discrimination in the provision of goods and services

02 March 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Ruth Marks MBE, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, has expressed her significant disappointment and concern at the lack of progress on implementing the protection from age discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

Rowan Atkinson on Miriam O'Reilly and age discrimination in the media industry (take 2)

01 March 2012

Source (Guardian)

Rowan Atkinson has written to the Guardian, following up on some of the controversy he caused last week.

Report into age discrimination in healthcare says that patronising the elderly is 'like racist abuse'

29 February 2012

Source (Telegraph)

Patronising elderly people in hospitals or care homes should be treated as severely as racist or sexist abuse, a landmark report on dignity for older people says today.

Top government finance officials in Belfast claim age discrimination over pay

29 February 2012

Source (News Letter)

Two of Northern Ireland finance minister Sammy Wilson’s most senior officials yesterday claimed in public that they are being subjected to ageism and age discrimination by his department.

Six months on...

28 February 2012

Source (Australian Ageing Agenda)

Australia's new age discrimination commissioner reports on her progress in the six months since she was appointed

Surge in older workers doing unpaid overtime

24 February 2012

Source (TUC)

The proportion of employees in their late 50s and early 60s working unpaid overtime has increased sharply in the last decade - despite a fall in unpaid hours for the rest of the workforce - according to a new TUC analysis.

Minister shelve ban on age discrimination

24 February 2012

Source (Telegraph (paper copy, not available online))

A ban on age discrimination in goods and services has been shelved by ministers, leaving millions of elderly at risk of inferior hospital treatment and rip off insurance.

Rowan Atkinson: BBC should have been allowed to drop Miriam O'Reilly without risk of age discrimination claim

22 February 2012

Source (Guardian (online))

The BBC should have been free to drop Miriam O'Reilly from Countryfile without attracting any accusations of age discrimination, according to comedian Rowan Atkinson, in a controversial intervention into the debate about the lack of older women on TV.

OAP: Old, Alone, Patronised - Sun man, 22, spends a day as a pensioner and reveals the age discrimination that older people face

16 February 2012

Source (The Sun)

As 68% of older people believe OAPs are a low priority for MPs, and 60% say age discrimination exists, the Sun prematurely age one of their reporters to shine light on ageism in society

A retrospective - youths bore brunt of recession

16 February 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

We analysed ONS data to see what effect the recession had on the employment and unemployment levels of different age groups.

The BBC director-general, Mark Thompson, has admitted the broadcaster does not have enough older female newsreaders and presenters

09 February 2012

Source (Guardian (online))

He said the corporation had a case to answer over the lack of older women in key news and current affairs presenting roles. He acknowledged that the landmark age discrimination claim brought by Miriam O'Reilly, 54, had been a wake up call for the BBC.

Should we abolish the National Minimum Wage for young people?

09 February 2012

Source (Tom Heys, Lewis Silkin LLP)

With youth unemployment continuing to rise, we need drastic measures to solve this crisis. Could abolishing the National Minimum Wage for younger people help?

Eurofound study: Impact of the recession on age management policies

07 February 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Social Conditions (“Eurofound”) has released a study showing the effects on older workers of the economic crisis that began in 2008.

Age and redundancies during the recession

07 February 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

We look at which age groups were most adversely affected by redundancies during the recession.

Elderly 'losing out by £500m a year in the funding of care' because of town halls' 'age discrimination'

30 January 2012

Source (Mail Online)

Town halls are guilty of ‘age discrimination’ because they are under-funding vital services for the elderly by at least £500million a year, a report says today.

Young in Germany feel brunt of age discrimination

23 January 2012

Source (The Local)

Roughly one in five Germans believes they’ve been discriminated against because of their age – with the nation's youths feeling harder done by than its pensioners.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of ageism after branding a veteran Labour MP a "dinosaur".

19 January 2012

Source (BBC News)

He told Dennis Skinner people should not visit the Natural History Museum to see the ancient beasts, but "come to the House of Commons" instead.

Miriam O'Reilly to leave BBC one year after ageism victory

18 January 2012

Source (The Guardian )

Former Countryfile presenter to leave corporation a year after successful lawsuit for age discrimination

James v Gina Shoes Ltd (EAT decision)

18 January 2012

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

58 year old production manager told "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" wins age discrimination claim on appeal

Institutional age discrimination and ageism in Scotland sees 820,000 treated as second-class citizens

17 January 2012

Source (New Scotsman)

Scotland's older people have hit out at the age discrimination they face while trying to buy goods and services. The reports came as an investigation revealed half of over-50s north of the Border have faced age discrimination when trying to buy goods and

Woman, 23, "murdered" because of NHS ageism

13 January 2012

Source (Mail Online)

A 23-year-old died of cervical cancer because doctors said she was too young for a smear test, her devastated family have claimed. Mercedes Curnow, from Cornwall, first went to her GP at 20 years old but her mother says her symptoms were 'ignored'.

Old age starts at 54 (and youth ends at 32) - that's if you ask young people

13 January 2012

Source (Mail Online)

Pensions Minister Steve Webb said that ‘the idea that we are old at 59 belongs in the era of Downton Abbey – not in 2012,’

Eurobarometer survey results

13 January 2012

Source (Europa)

People in UK much less worried about ageing than rest of continent and many more people agree pension age will need to increase. In addition, 84% think people should be able to carry on working as long as they want and many (82%) want phased retirement.

Carry on Parking! Actor Kenneth Cope's fury at traffic warden’s age discrimination in town centre

12 January 2012

Source (Southport Visiter)

ACTOR Kenneth Cope is planning legal action over claims he was the victim of age discrimination and ageism by a town centre traffic warden. Cope claims he was told by the warden "you should give up driving".

Barnet Council accused of age discrimination as young people to be restricted to two year tenancies

05 January 2012

Source (Inside Housing)

New tenants who are aged over 25 would be offered a five year tenancy, but those under will be offered just two.

Will Arlene Phillips return to Strictly? Calls for BBC to abandon 'ageism' and 'age discrimination' and bring judge back

05 January 2012

Source (Mail online)

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips has said she is 'overwhelmed' after fans called for her to return to the hit BBC show.

A decision by Cambridge University chiefs to continue to force academics to retire at 67 has generated mixed feelings among staff

30 December 2011

Source (

Members of the university’s Council and General Board said they were concerned that if they did not continue with the rules, lecturers would not retire soon enough, preventing younger blood from entering the profession.

Skipper v BP plc (ET decision)

21 December 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

An age discrimination claim against BP was unsuccessful; Tribunal rules that BP does not have an "ageist" culture.

Tories in Canada end forced retirement, decades of ‘age discrimination’

19 December 2011

Source (National Post)

Victory for Canada age discrimination campaigners: Two decades since Ottawa’s first attempt to kill mandatory retirement, the Conservative government in Canada has overturned legislation that has for 30 years enabled employers to force workers to retire.

Devon and Cornwall police officers fight retirement; officers are claiming age discrimination

14 December 2011

Source (BBC News)

The force has used a police service regulation, known as A19, to compel officers to retire when they have spent 30 years in the job, but officers claim that this is ageism and age discrimination.

Elderly cancer victims 'failed by NHS ageism' with patients written off as too frail for treatment

14 December 2011

Source (Mail online)

Elderly cancer sufferers die in greater numbers than younger patients because of NHS ageism, official figures suggest. Only half of sufferers aged 75 and over will live more than a year, compared with 75% of those in middle age who can expect to do so.

Court of Appeal hears Woodcock age discrimination case

08 December 2011

Source (News & Star)

The decision is expected to clarify the extent to which costs can justify age discrimination.

Survey finds age discrimination rife in Chinese civil service

01 December 2011

Source (PS News)

A survey has revealed that China civil service is riddled with age discrimination (as well as discrimination on grounds of gender, education and health)

IMDb age discrimination suit could cause actress to be 'blacklisted,' says US lawyer

29 November 2011

Source (

The IMDb age discrimination lawsuit just sprouted another wrinkle.

West Midlands police officers sue for age discrimination over forced retirement

28 November 2011

Source (Birmingham Mail)

A total of 18 officers have lodged claims with the Employment Tribunal accusing West Midlands Police of age discrimination.

Equality and Human Rights Commission report finds age discrimination is significant barrier to older people getting home care; over the age of 65 are getting less money towards their care than younger people with similar care needs

23 November 2011

Source (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

The report found older people are offered a limited range of services in comparison. Local authority phone contact lines can also screen out older people needing home care without passing them on for a full assessment – which is unlawful.

BP gags in-house lawyer during age discrimination claim

23 November 2011

Source (Reuters)

Oil giant BP has succeeded in preventing the public airing of comments from a senior in-house lawyer about lawsuits stemming from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, as part of a £14m age discrimination claim.

Pensioners may be suffering age discrimination at hands of energy companies

15 November 2011

Source (

Millions of older people without access to the internet may be suffering age discrimination at the hands of Britain's biggest energy companies, according to the regulator.

From the US... a 52 year old woman is fired from her job in a movie theatre and replaced by her 25 year old daughter

14 November 2011

Source (Mail online)

Marcy Starnes, 52, claims that the movie theatre wanted "much younger persons". Theatre managers also claimed that "only people who are 25 or 26 years of age know Excel"

Brokerage House preparing for rush of recruitment of career changers in 50s and 60s, now that default retirement age has been abolished

10 November 2011

Source (Response Resource)

Trading and brokerage house, Schneider Trading Associates, believes that now a new career has the potential to be more long-lasting for the candidate, whilst employers do not need to face uneasiness about a retiring workforce, the option is more viable.

Complaints soar as 'age discrimination within NHS' leaves elderly neglected

09 November 2011

Source (

The Patients Association highlights harrowing cases of pensioners being left starving or suffering in agony, and nurses “too busy” to help. Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said the report was proof of “age discrimination” in NHS hospitals.

No sign of age discrimination at the Civil Aviation Authority

09 November 2011

Source (Article Niche)

Considering how flexible staff need to be in today’s transitory employment scene, it’s pleasing to note that many top quality employers are not averse to taking on older workers experienced in totally different industries.

Age discrimination could soon be outlawed in Bermuda, their government said on Friday

07 November 2011

Source (BDA Sun)

Amendments to the Bermudan Human Rights Act are due to be tabled in the country's House of Assembly in order to ban age discrimination, including mandatory retirement.

Out-of-work ad man makes headlines in Australia with claims of ageism in the marketing and advertising industries, and his novel approach to finding work

07 November 2011

Source (Mumbrella)

Experienced advertising executive Tony Simms donned a sandwich board and has now been inundated with job offers

Talks urged to resolve ongoing sex and age discrimination dispute between union and police

07 November 2011

Source (This is Staffordshire)

Union leaders are demanding urgent talks with Staffordshire Police Authority after a long-running pay dispute failed to be resolved. The Police Authority had thought the threat of claims for sex and age discrimination was over after a pay rise last week.

Nigeria currently considering a bill that will ban age discrimination in employment

04 November 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Saheed Fijabi, a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives says that employers are harming the growth of their country by using age limits and allowing age discrimination.

Scottish Government extending bigotry crackdown to include gender and age discrimination

02 November 2011

Source (The Courier)

The Scottish Government's crackdown on bigotry at football matches will include measures to combat age discrimination.

Police face age discrimination claims over pay

31 October 2011

Source (Burton News)

Police bosses in Staffordshire could be hit by a wave of sex and age discrimination lawsuits unless the force’s pay structure is changed, an official report has claimed.

UK among Europe's worst countries for ageism and age discrimination

30 October 2011

Source (Guardian)

When does old age start? Britain has one of the worst records in Europe on age discrimination, with nearly two out of five people claiming to have been shown a lack of respect because of how old they are.

Actors blast US film website over age discrimination

28 October 2011

Source (

Two powerful US actors’ groups condemned Thursday the main movie industry website over its policy of giving artists’ ages, saying it was facilitating ageism and age discrimination in the business.

Nick Clegg proposes to give employers power to have frank conversations with employees about retirement, without fear of age discrimination claim

25 October 2011

Source (Evening Standard)

According to the London Evening Standard, bosses will be given new powers to tell older workers they should consider retirement without fear of being accused of ageism under new plans unveiled.

Shadow minister for older people is a 'thorn in the side' of the coalition

25 October 2011

Source (Guardian)

Labour's appointment could expose the cabinet's thinking about issues like housing and care, says Anchor's Mario Ambrosi

News from the US... a musician, 60, suing New York youth orchestra for age discrimination complains judge in his case is too old, at 88

24 October 2011

Source (Mail online)

A musician who is suing a youth orchestra for placing age restrictions on a competition has officially complained about the judge handling his case - because he says he is too old.

Age discrimination in Hollywood? An American actress sues website imdb for revealing her age

20 October 2011

Source (Hollywood reporter)

The claimant, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says in a lawsuit that "in the entertainment industry, youth is king" and that by divulging her secret, the website has cost her acting jobs.

Michelle Mitchell on Age UK's campaign against age discrimination and ending forced retirement in the workplace.

17 October 2011

Source (PR Week)

This article from PR week is written by Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director at Age UK, and explains the lengthy compaign she ran against age discrimination and ending the default retirement age.

100 year old Fauja Singh becomes oldest marathon runner

17 October 2011

Source (BBC News)

A 100-year-old Briton has become the world's oldest marathon runner after finishing a race in Canada.

Abolition of DRA – The University of Cambridge perspective

13 October 2011

Source (HR Magazine)

The abolition of the default retirement age has meant many organisations have opted to merely ‘do away’ with having a retirement age, choosing not to pursue the options for a employer justified retirement age (EJRA).

Youth joblessness highest since Tories last in power, new figures to reveal

10 October 2011

Source (Guardian)

The number of unemployed young people has passed the million mark, according to statistics to be published this week

A caretaker who claims she was forced into retirement has pledged to take her former bosses to an employment tribunal for age discrimination.

07 October 2011

Source (Wanstead and Woodford Guardian)

Doreen Scruby, 66, was a caretaker at Brookfield House School for 21 years until she left last week (just before the abolition of the default retirement age) after a long-running battle to keep her job.

Ageism and age discrimination in technology sector

07 October 2011

Source (Israel News Agency)

This article from Israel News Agency suggests that if Steve Jobs could answer an ad today, chances are he would never even get a response. It argues that at 56 he would be deemed a "dinosaur" and suggests that age discrimination is rife in technology.

Only 'hot' staff need apply: Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain which said it 'wouldn't hire people over 40' faces age discrimination claims

07 October 2011

Source (Mail online)

The case alleges that the barbecue chain instructed its managers to commit age discrimniation and hire younger job applicants for positions such as servers, hosts and bartenders.

An umbrella group has been launched to tackle age discrimination and improve the lives of disadvantaged older people, the prime minister and the care industry have said

06 October 2011

Source (FT Adviser)

According to a statement by the department for work and pensions, the new Age Action Alliance brings together groups from across the voluntary, private and public sectors, including Age UK.

Will the abolition of the default retirement age end ageism and age discrimination at work?

30 September 2011

Source (Guardian)

Saturday 1 October could be the day Britain turns its back on age discrimination in the workplace for good. It's the day that the default retirement age, which gave employers the right to fire people aged 65+ purely because of their age, is abolished.

Former BBC Countryfile presenter Juliet Morris: Age discrimination is not an issue for me

28 September 2011

Source (

Juliet Morris, who was forced out of Countryfile with Miriam O'Reilly, says she has not suffered age discrimination.

Elderly need protection as their population nears 2 billion, says UN

28 September 2011

Source (Politic365)

By 2050, population experts say that the number of people over 60 years old will reach the 2 billion-mark worldwide, or more than 20% of the total global population. Nigel Roberts of Politic365 argues for a global strengthening of age discrimination laws.

Mother accuses NHS of 'age discrimination' after they refuse to fund silicone limb for daughter, 1, until she is 18

20 September 2011

Source (Mail online)

A mother has accused NHS chiefs of 'age discrimination' after they refused to supply special artificial limbs to her one-year-old daughter until she is 18.

Abolition of retirement age leaves less opportunity for young workers, say employers

19 September 2011

Source (Personnel Today)

A recent study suggests nearly half of employers believe that the abolition of the DRA will have a negative impact on their business, with 22% citing the biggest practical impact being a reduced capacity to take on younger staff.

Massive rise in unemployment figures; under 24s hit the hardest

15 September 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Unemployment hits young people most. The number of unemployed 18-24 year olds shot up by 77,000 to 769,000 a rise of 11%.

Northern Ireland teenager wins age discrimination case

14 September 2011

Source (BBC News)

A Northern Ireland teenager has received compensation at an industrial tribunal after winning a case of age discrimination against her employer.

Survey finds 25% of people in Hungary victim of age discrimination

14 September 2011

Source (

Twenty-five in every hundred people said they were discriminated against for their age, a recent survey research institute Tarki released to MTI on Tuesday said.

Council worker suffered age discrimination and was unfairly dismissed to avoid pension costs

12 September 2011

Source (

A worker suffered age discrimination and was unfairly dismissed from his role in a leisure centre because his local authority employer wanted to avoid incurring his pension costs after he turned 50, an employment tribunal has found.

Pension age set to rise faster than previously planned; 8.1 million under 40s will be affected.

12 September 2011

Source (Money marketing)

The Government is set to increase the state pension age to 67 as early as 2026, according to pensions minister Steve Webb. Ministers are considering pegging pension age rises to life expectancy.

Age discrimination law and dentists’ ethical duties to elderly patients

07 September 2011

Source (

From April 2012, age discrimination in the provision of healthcare and other services is expected to become illegal under the Equality Act 2010. Dental professionals, like doctors, may be legally challenged if they refuse to treat older patients.

Hidden age discrimination in the recession: 100,000 over 50 year olds are long term unemployed

07 September 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

IPPR suggest that one of the elements hidden in the official figure is this age discrimination evident during the recession. The risk is that older people who have been out of work for this long stand little chance of ever working again.

Agency Worker Regulations 'could lead to age discrimination' in schools

07 September 2011

Source (The Recruiter)

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) that come into force on 1 October could lead to age discrimination, if schools “lean on” recruitment agencies to supply only newly qualified supply teachers, according to a director of Randstad Education.

In Australia, the new age discrimination Commissioner will put age discrimination "front and centre" of human rights debate

06 September 2011

Source (

Age discrimination must be front and centre in national discussions on human rights, Elizabeth Broderick has said in her outgoing address as commissioner responsible for age discrimination.

Maintenance staff at Liverpool Mutual Homes staged a protest after what they said was age discrimination and a management “cull” of older workers.

02 September 2011

Source (Liverpool Echo)

Staff over the age of 50 were told their services were no longer required with “immediate effect” because they did not meet the criteria required to continue in jobs they have done for years.

Average age discrimination award rises by £20,000

01 September 2011

Source (Personnel Today)

The average award for age discrimination claims has risen by nearly £20,000 since last year, bringing the average to nearly three times that in 2009/10, according to Tribunal Service statistics.

Living to 1000? A new book on ageing says that in the future, people will routinely live to 150 and that the first people to reach 1000 years of age may have already been born.

30 August 2011

Source (Wall Street Journal)

Sonia Arrison, author of a new book on longevity, explains how scientific advances are making radical life expansion - to age 150 and beyond - a possibility, and what it could mean for human existence.

Miriam O'Reilly may have won her age discrimination case against the BBC. But she found little sympathy for the plight of older presenters at a TV festival session on ageism in the industry on Friday.

29 August 2011

Source (Guardian)

Nick Ross, the 63-year-old former Crimewatch presenter, gave short shrift to O'Reilly's talk of the need for more older female faces on British TV, arguing that being on screen is all about being young and attractive.

Should age discrimination be a criminal offence?

25 August 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

If someone thinks they have suffered unlawful discrimination at work because of their age, they can sue the discriminator. But could it be time for the UK to start getting tough on discriminators by criminalising age bias?

Age discrimination is particularly acute in Russia where working life ends at 40

23 August 2011

Source (

Age discrimination and ageism are rampant - 75% of job adverts specify an age limit.

In Northern Ireland, a preacher who sacked a woman from his dry cleaning business after she took an age discrimination case against him has been ordered to pay her nearly £25,000 for victimisation

19 August 2011

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

Anna Stirrup was fired from her job at Summers Dry Cleaners in Cookstown last year - just three weeks after her boss was ordered to pay out nearly £6,000 for age discrimination and making hurtful remarks about her age.

Is it time for an international UN Convention for the Rights of Older Persons in order to help beat ageism and age discrimination?

18 August 2011

Source (Jacob Lazada, AARP)

Jacob Lazada of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) recently gave a speech arguing for the creation of an international human rights instrument to guide policy making and help combat ageism and age discrimination

Lifeguard, 61, fired for refusing to wear Speedo, brings age discrimination claim

18 August 2011

Source (NBC New York)

A 61-year-old man who claims he was fired from his Jones Beach lifeguard job of 40 years because he refused to wear a Speedo for the yearly swim test is suing the state of New York for age discrimination.

Rising inflation, long working hours, unemployment and age discrimination are the major fears ruining life for the over 50s

16 August 2011

Source (Wallet Pop UK)

The Saga Quality of Life Index has plummeted for the third time in a row, as multiple woes hit the over 50s. It means things have got steadily worse for the last nine months.

Age diversity study reveals old workplace rivalries

16 August 2011

Source (Diversity Leaders)

Age diversity promotes ill-will between workers in organisations that leads to an unhappy workplace and less productivity, according to a new academic study.

Age discrimination can shorten lives according to study

12 August 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

According to psychologist Becca Levy, PhD, assistant professor of public health at Yale University, age discrimination and negative stereotypes can shorten life span by 7.5 years.

Terry Wogan on ageism and age discrimination at the BBC

08 August 2011

Source (

Terry Wogan has no problem with ageism, age discrimination and the lack of older women at the BBC - and thinks there may even be too many 'old fellas'.

Ageism row in race for Irish presidency

08 August 2011

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

A war of words erupted in the Irish presidential contest last night as veteran broadcaster Gay Byrne warned Independent candidate Sean Gallagher about making ageist comments.

Interview with Juch Myong-yong, head of the Korean Association of Retired Persons (KARP) which successfully lobbied for age discrimination laws in Korea

08 August 2011

Source (Korean Herald)

With 7.1 million baby boomers in Korea nearing retirement, age discrimination is becoming a bigger issue.

Ofcom says we are a nation of smartphone users, but the digital revolution is passing by the over 75s

04 August 2011

Source (Ofcom)

While nine out of ten adults (90%) aged 35-44 have the internet at home, this falls to just a quarter (26%) of over 75s. Virtually all (99%) 25-34s own a mobile phone, only half (51%) of over 75s own a mobile.

Today's 20-year-olds are three times more likely to live to 100 than their grandparents and twice as likely as their parents, official figures show.

04 August 2011

Source (BBC News)

And a baby born in 2011 is almost eight times more likely to reach their 100th birthday than one born 80 years ago. A girl born this year has a one-in-three chance of reaching 100 years old and boys have a one-in-four chance.

Forget about age discrimination: "broadcasters have the right to put on the front of their programmes the people that they want" says 65 year old Sue Lawley

03 August 2011

Source (

Sue Lawley, the veteran broadcaster and former desert island discs host, said her female contemporaries should stop blaming ageism and age discrimination for the demise of their careers and just enjoy the fact they had their "moments in the sun".

Age discrimination row over Abertay University principal resolved

27 July 2011

Source (BBC News)

The 65-year-old has been suspended since January and had alleged discrimination on grounds of age, but the matter has now been resolved with Professor Bernard King getting a library named after him.

"We shouldn't be writing people off at 65 or 70 years old": director of Elderly Accomodation Counsel. John Galvin, the director of Elderly Accomodation Counsel talks about what it can do to help older people to help themselves.

27 July 2011

Source (Guardian)

John Galvin is passionate about housing and especially about ensuring our older people are not forgotten when it comes to government policy making. "Older generations are important – society doesn't work without the roles of different generations."

A longer shelf life for seasoned scribes: P D James has just collected an award, aged 90, but ageism and age discrimination is still all too common in the literary world, says Arifa Akbar

26 July 2011

Source (The Independent (online edition))

The magnificent P D James received an Outstanding Contribution to Crime Fiction award at the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival last week. Speaking about the honour on Radio 4, she admitted that she had been troubled by age discrimination.

Letter from Simon Kelner on the telltale signs of ageing

25 July 2011

Source (The Independent (online edition))

Simon Kelner is Editor-in-Chief of The Independent, The Independent on Sunday and i

Age discrimination in India: New phenomenon emerging at the workplace

25 July 2011

Source (Economist Times)

This article from the Economist Times exposes age discrimination in employment in India.

Ageism and age discrimination is rife, what are we going to do about it?

25 July 2011

Source (Working Lives, Thinking Recruitment)

A YouGov survey has found that 59 per cent of UK citizens over the age of 55 believe that age is a "major barrier" to employment.

From page 3 to pensioner - model gets disguised as 80 year old as part of investigation into age discrimination and attitudes towards the elderly

15 July 2011

Source (The Sun)

As a recent shows 60% of the elderly report facing age discrimination, Peta Todd's experience reveals the loneliness and invisibility of the elderly.

A poll by Grey Pride shows 3 out of 4 have suffered some form of age discrimination

14 July 2011

Source (

Grey Pride recently ran a poll, asking the question, "Have you experienced ageism in the workplace?". The results are in, and they are starkly clear.

Working Late would like to hear about your experiences.

13 July 2011

Source (Working Late)

Working Late is a 4 year research project funded by the New Dynamics of Ageing Programme. It is interested in speaking to workers over 50, employers of those over 50 (including managers and HR professionals) and people over 50 seeking employment.

Mother lashes out over 'ageist' parents and threaten age discrimination claim

13 July 2011

Source (

The mother of 24 year old Olympic gold medallist swimmer Rhiannon Jeffrey threatens an age discrimination claim against the parents of her daughter's 17 year old boyfriend after his parents withdrew their authorisation for him to swim competitively.

Housing Benefit Age Discrimination

12 July 2011

Source (Bright Green)

Did you know that if you are under 25 and single the government does not treat you as a fully grown adult when it comes to housing benefit? This is the Single Accommodation Rate and is soon to get much worse according to Bright Green...

One in four young people not in education, employment or training (Neet) has contemplated suicide, whilst a third claim to have suffered age discrimination an alarming report has found.

12 July 2011

Source (CYP Now)

The study by online mentoring service FutureYou found revealed some startling statistics in addition to age discrimination, including that 69% believe their talent is being thrown away.

Woman 'sacked for having grey hair' brings age discrimination claim

11 July 2011

Source (Guardian)

Employee sues for age discrimination claiming she was fired over her refusal to dye her silver locks

EU population is ageing and more diverse

11 July 2011

Source (Eurofound)

The median age in Europe is expected to rise from 40.6 years in 2009 to 47.9 years by 2060. The Demography Report 2010, issued in March 2011, shows that the working population is also ageing, with the proportion of older workers increasing.

Age discrimination claims will continue to rise and peak at nearly 15,000 a year by 2015

07 July 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

We reported recently on the growing number of age discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal. New research now suggests that employers could face 15,000 age discrimination cases a year by 2015.

Prince of Wales's charity finds ageism and age discrimination is discouraging mature entrepreneurs

05 July 2011

Source (

The Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME), a charity founded by The Prince of Wales claims that ageist attitudes and age discrimination in the UK are stopping hundreds of thousands of people contributing towards the British economy.

Abertay University principal Professor Bernard King refutes newspaper reports that he has retired and has lodged age discrimination claim

04 July 2011

Source (BBC News)

The 65-year-old was suspended earlier this year. His departure was announced to staff in an e-mail from the university - apparently circulated in error ahead of an official briefing. He alleges age discrimination.

Statistics show that over 35s are responsible for 80% of startups

04 July 2011

Source (Business insider )

Startups operating in "high-growth" industries - including aerospace, defense, health care, and computer and electronics - and found that people over 55 are nearly twice as likely to launch startups in these industries.

Insurers - the gender battle is lost, age discrimination will be the next battleground. Fallout from the Test-Achats ECJ decision.

01 July 2011

Source (

Journalist David Horsfeld comments on age discrimination in the insurance industry: with an ageing population it is vital that insurers have the flexibility to use age as a rating factor as products will need to develop to meet older people's needs.

Age discrimination claims increase by 79%, Tribunal Service statistics show

01 July 2011

Source (HR Magazine)

The Age and Employment Network (TAEN) has expressed concern over a sharp rise in the number of age discrimination claims and warns the figure is likely to continue rising.

Iain Duncan Smith urges firms to hire unemployed young Britons, not foreign workers

01 July 2011

Source (BBC News)

But employers should be careful about responding to his plea to employers as it could be unlawful race and age discrimination to prefer young Brits.

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) today launched "Age of Opportunity: Transforming the lives of older people living in poverty", a report on poverty and isolation in later life from the CSJ Older Age Working Group.

30 June 2011

Source (

This report is the final part of the CSJ Older Age Review, drawing upon the publication of The Forgotten Age in November 2010. Police, community leaders, charities and council officers are called on to help combat the epidemic of isolation in later life.

In the US, a Judge blows the final whistle on soccer ref's age discrimination claim

30 June 2011

Source (Courthouse News Service)

A federal judge threw out an age discrimination claim brought by a United States Soccer Federation referee. The case is very similar to the UK case of Martin v PGMOL and the difference in outcome reveals the differing approaches to age discrimination law.

An interesting age discrimination case from the US; "old man" comments were not enough to get the case to trial

27 June 2011

Source (Mondaq)

As a general rule, when a claimant in an age discrimination case alleges that he was referred to as an "old man," and the claimant was replaced by a younger employee, the plaintiff probably has a pretty decent case. Generally speaking...

A recent and extensive study from European Social Survey has shed light on age discrimination with data and statistics from 28 European countries.

27 June 2011

Source (Age UK)

The research’s purpose is to support policy work which is pressing to extend age discrimination measures in the UK and the EU. The statistics revealed that just under half of all respondents saw age discrimination as a very or quite serious issue.

From David Attenborough to Delia Smith, the best of the grey power list. WRVS panel selects 66 public figures to prove how much older people contribute to modern society

27 June 2011

Source (The Observer / The Guardian)

At first glance there would seem to be few similarities between Jilly Cooper, Vivienne Westwood, and Professor Richard Dawkins. And that, so the charity WRVS says, is the point of its report on the 66 best examples in the UK of men and women over 66.

Last week: cancer. This week: hip fractures. More evidence of age discrimination in the NHS as hip fracture patients given 'low priority' by NHS hospitals

22 June 2011

Source (

The NHS treats elderly patients with broken hips as a "low priority" by failing to give them prompt and high-quality treatment that could extend their lives, a Government watchdog has said in further evidence of age discrimination in the health service.

Plans under way to tackle ageism and age discrimination in the NHS

22 June 2011

Source (

As evidence accumulates that elderly people suffer worse treatment than the young on the NHS, the Government and health watchdogs have devised a series of plans to tackle the age discrimination problem.

In the USA, baseball team the Florida Marlins hire a new coach - Jack McKeon, age 80 - in what has been been referred to as a victory against age discrimination and ageism

21 June 2011

Source (Washington Post)

Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post writes about Jack McKeon's new position, ageism and age discrimination, and assesses whether the appointment was a smart one, or an emotional one

Despite accusations of sex and age discrimination, the government will press ahead with plans to raise the state pension age for women but ministers have promised to look at "transitional" arrangements

21 June 2011

Source (BBC News)

The coalition wants to raise the pension age for women from 60 to 65 by 2018 as a prelude to both female and male pension ages rising to 66 in 2020. Age discrimination allegations have arisen as women currently in their fifties will be disadvantaged.

Employers need to train and performance manage older workers better or risk falling foul of age discrimination laws when Default Retirement Age is phased out, CIPD statistics show

21 June 2011

Source (CIPD)

Statistics in CIPD survey of 2,000 employees find that just 46% of those aged 65 and over report they have had a formal performance appraisal at least once a year, compared to 65% of all employees. Employers risk age discrimination claims.

Neets, asbos and chavs: labels of age discrimination

20 June 2011

Source (Guardian Comment is free)

The youth of today are suffering from age discrimination. Stamped with the "hoodies" or "chav" label and thought of as disrespectful and dangerous, they are marginalised and stigmatised, turned into a blurry, menacing entity that does not reflect reality.

Women facing retirement delays after increase to pension age offered new hope amid government rethink and complaints of discrimination

20 June 2011

Source (

Women aged in their fifties who face having to delay their retirement under state pension reforms to increase the pension age may be given help from the Government. The plight of the retiring women is the subject of a growing backbench rebellion.

Saga is urging the Government to rethink its plans for accelerating state pension age increases. It says the current proposals involve both gender and age discrimination

20 June 2011

Source (

More on pensions reform: life expectancy is rising faster than anticipated by the 2005 Pensions Bill, and the costs of supporting an increasingly ageing population will clearly require adjustment in the age at which state pensions start to be paid.

Planned public sector pension changes to be outlined

17 June 2011

Source (BBC News)

The government is to detail for the first time plans to link the public sector retirement age to the state pension age, which is rising to 66

Ageism at the IMF

16 June 2011

Source (

We reported recently on Stanley Fischer's desire to be head of the IMF. In this article, the Daily Mail City team explain he was denied the role on grounds of age, although several member countries have legislation to combat age discrimination.

Age discrimination in the NHS: Scandal of older women denied breast cancer ops.

16 June 2011

Source (Express)

Age discrimination and ageism could be risking the lives of older breast cancer patients, experts have warned. Data presented today at the National Cancer Intelligence Network Conference reveals that women over 70 are less likely to have surgery.

Another story of age discrimination in the media: 'It was a fight I couldn't run away from': News anchor speaks out over claim she lost job because she's over 40

14 June 2011

Source (Mail online)

A female television news anchor has spoken out for the first time after claiming she lost her job because she is over the age of 40. Her age discrimination case is similar to Miriam O'Reilly's.

In Australia, after more than three years as Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination, Elizabeth Broderick's term is coming to an end

14 June 2011

Source (

Following the passage of the sex and age discrimination legislation amendment in late May, a separate statutory office for an Age Discrimination Commissioner is being created within the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Pension Minister set for a grilling on age discrimination, pensions, fuel poverty and retirement at this years pensioners parliament in Blackpool

13 June 2011

Source (Blackpool Gazette)

Around 1,500 members of the National Pensioners Convention are expected to travel into town for the three day event being held at Winter Gardens. There will be sessions on pensions, care, NHS reforms, the Big Society and age discrimination.

In Australia, dumped cricketer Simon Katich was advised he could bring an age discrimination claim

13 June 2011

Source (The Australian)

The opening batsman has one of the best records in world cricket, but is convinced he was dropped because he will be 36 this summer. Simon Katich's management was advised he could sue Cricket Australia under age discrimination laws after being dropped.

Stanley Fischer's chance of IMF job hampered by age, says Israeli finance minister

13 June 2011

Source (

Stanley Fischer, Israel's central bank governor, has received an early blow in his bid to head the IMF. Current rules restrict the appointment of anyone over the age of 65 and dictate that no-one can hold the five-year job beyond the age of 70.

Woman inspector humiliated by failing riot test wins up to £30k in age discrimination claim

12 June 2011

Source (Mail online)

Inspector Bamber, a serving officer for more than 30 years who still works for Greater Manchester Police, had a well founded age discrimination claim according to Judge Hilary Slater. But compensation would be "bizarre" according to Tory MP Robert Halfon.

Ageism and age discrimination is justified, says Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, on his 90th birthday

10 June 2011

Source (The Independent (online))

Admitting he is approaching his own "sell-by date", Prince Philip said the physical and mental fragilities that come with age mean discrimination on the grounds of age can be justified.

Older cancer patients more likely to die due to NHS 'age bias' and age discrimination

09 June 2011

Source (Guardian)

They suffer age discrimination due to delays in having their case referred to a specialist, are less likely to undergo radical surgery and have worse outcomes than younger patients, according to the King's Fund health thinktank and Cancer Research UK.

In New Zealand, The Human Rights Commission says allowing people older than 65 to permanently opt out of jury service could be age discrimination

09 June 2011

Source (

A bill before the New Zealand Parliament would allow 65-year-olds to apply to exclude themselves from jury selection permanently, based solely on their age.

A Liberal Democrat MP has warned the Prime Minister that plans to raise the state pension are age discrimination

08 June 2011

Source (PA Wire 12:44:54)

Annette Brooke spoke of age discrimination and the "injustice" behind plans that will see 330,000 women have to wait an extra 18 months to two years before they can start collecting their state pension.

Government advised to cap discrimination awards at £50k

06 June 2011

Source (The Independent (online))

An influential group of City grandees, led by Sir Michael Snyder, has told ministers that employment law must be overhauled, with tribunal awards for race, sex or age discrimination cases capped at £50,000.

Miriam O’Reilly, who won an age discrimination claim, tells how the BBC gave her confidence “a kicking” by sacking her for being too old.

06 June 2011

Source (The Independent (online))

The 54-year-old will begin a new job as a presenter of BBC One’s Crimewatch Roadshow today, months after winning a landmark age discrimination case against the Corporation.

BVRLA calls for exemption from age discrimination laws

06 June 2011

Source (

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has called for the motor industry to be excluded from the upcoming changes to age discrimination legislation.

Age discrimination – what can employers do to prevent claims?

03 June 2011

Source (HR Magazine)

The number of age discrimination claims has increased by 164% to 2,900 in the three months to December 2010, compared to 1,100 the year before, an analysis of the latest data show.

Majority of employers will allow workers to choose retirement age

02 June 2011

Source (Personnel Today)

More than two-thirds of employers responding to the 2011 XpertHR retirement survey intend to allow their employees to retire whenever they wish, following the abolition of the default retirement age (DRA).

CIPD and Benefex survey shows 40% of employers unsure how to respond to abolition of the Default Retirement Age

01 June 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

A recent survey carried out by Benefex and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has revealed employers’ responses to the abolition of the Default Retirement Age (DRA).

In America, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred backs ‘too old’ Atlantic City waitresses in multi party age discrimination claim

01 June 2011

Source (Mail Online)

The waitresses were made to wear revealing new costumes which were part of Resorts Casino Hotel's effort to re-brand itself in a roaring 20s theme after the popularity of the HBO show 'Boardwalk Empire’.

Three quarters of staff who have experienced discrimination believe their treatment is not just down to one factor such as age but to a range of identity-related issues, a study has found.

30 May 2011

Source (HR Zone)

The research, which was published to coincide with the launch of The Inclusive Employers Foundation, revealed that the most commonly cited reasons were educational background, gender and age discrimination. The survey was carried out by ICM.

In Australia, new age discrimination laws have been passed by the Federal Parliament; a position of Age Discrimination Commissioner has been created in the Australian Human Rights Commission for the first time.

26 May 2011

Source (

The creation of the Age Discrimination Commissioner would tackle attitudes and stereotypes that contribute to discrimination of all ages.

“Ostrich generation” has head in the sand over retirement

26 May 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

"The emergence of this ostrich generation is a real concern. Britons know that they need to plan and save more for their retirement, yet they are not turning this knowledge into action," said David Wells, head of investments, pensions and savings at HSBC.

Age discrimination and the insurance industry: British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) welcomes government move on signposting outlined in consultation on age discrimination

25 May 2011

Source (Insurance Age)

The consultation outlines the government's intention to end age discrimination in the provision of goods and services and to encourage action to improve access to insurance products.

Abertay University principal Bernard King in age discrimination claim

24 May 2011

Source (The Courier)

In Scotland, Professor Bernard King (64), who has already lodged a complaint of age discrimination, is now claiming he was victimised for acting as a "whistleblower" by raising complaints on behalf of staff

UK developing youth underclass, says Prince's Trust

18 May 2011

Source (BBC News)

Statistics gathered after a survey by the Prince's Trust of more than 2,300 people aged 16-24 suggested those from deprived backgrounds were three times more likely to say they will "end up on benefits". Calls to end "aspiration gap".

Anger in New Zealand with changes to student loans for older people. Government faces allegations of age discrimination

18 May 2011

Source (

Changes signalled to the student loan scheme in New Zealand Budget will discriminate against older age people and almost certainly breach human rights and age discrimination law, the NZ Green Party said recently.

Forced retirement of police officers with over 30 years service may be age discrimination

17 May 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

In order to save costs, polices forces across the country are being told to retire forcibly some of their most experienced officers. But such a move may be age discrimination.

Age discrimination in Australia: research shows large levels of older people are involuntarily out of work

16 May 2011

Source (Sydney Morning Herald)

More news on age discrimination in Australia; research shows unemployment high amongst baby boom generation. This article gives some information on the policy proposals Australia has to resolve this issue.

In Australia, the Sex and Age Discrimination Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 continues to stumble through the legislative process.

13 May 2011

Source (, Attorney General's office)

The Bill will, among other things, amend the Age Discrimination Act to introduce a new dedicated position of Age Discrimination Commissioner.

A major revamp of adult social care law in England and Wales is needed to ensure fairer access to services, the Law Commission says

11 May 2011

Source (BBC News)

Michelle Mitchell, of the charity Age UK, described the recommendations as a "one-off opportunity to replace this dog's breakfast with a clear, logical and consistent framework".

Age discrimination in employment: coalition set to unveil plans to cap the amount of compensation that can be awarded in discrimination claims

11 May 2011

Source (Mail online)

Payouts in sex, race or age discrimination cases could be capped under Government plans to be announced today. Employment minister Ed Davey will today float plans to cap discrimination claims.

"Age discrimination widely experienced in Europe" according to Age UK

10 May 2011

Source (The HR Director)

Age discrimination is the most widely experienced form of discrimination in Europe, according to research by Age UK. 35% of people across 28 European countries say they have experienced age discrimination.

The proposed flat-rate pension is unlikely to be introduced in the near future, the latest word from Parliament suggests

06 May 2011

Source (Age UK (copyright Press Association))

Lord Taylor of Holbeach told the House of Lords that the changes would not be 'rushed in' and that it was likely to be something for a future Parliament. His comments come after Pensions Minister Steve Webb launched a consultation on the proposals.

An internationally renowned chef has won a gagging order preventing publication of a legal wrangle and age discrimination claim by two former employees

05 May 2011

Source (

Speaking about the prohibition on publication of details about this age discrimination case, Louise Bagshawe, a Conservative MP, said: “This case embodies the concerns many MPs have about super-injunctions."

American 85-year-old woman sues for age discrimination after being transferred to different beer stand

04 May 2011

Source (

But unfortunately the court noted she was replaced by a 75-year-old and upheld the dismissal of Block's age discrimination suit on appeal.

Age discrimination Ireland: The IMO has said it believes that there might be grounds for a suit against the HSE on the grounds of age discrimination

04 May 2011

Source (

The alleged age discrimination claim arises from its failure to appoint a number of area medical officers (AMOs) to senior medical officers (SMOs), seeing as they perform the same work.

Older people in challenge to new NI Assembly. Older people in Northern Ireland are challenging would-be assembly members to address age discrimination.

03 May 2011

Source (

Their are calls on the new assembly to introduce legislation to protect older people who have been refused insurance, health care, and access to financial services. NI is not covered by Equality Act.

Outlawing age discrimination would ease pensions crisis in Bermuda, claims director of Bermudan branch of Age Concern

02 May 2011

Source (

A charity director claims the Island’s potential pensions crisis could be eased at almost no cost simply by adding a word to their Human Rights Act. banning age discrimination would allow people to work longer if they wished and keep earning.

Most Czechs consider age discrimination a serious problem

29 April 2011

Source (

Prague - Two-thirds of Czechs are of the view that discrimination is a serious problem in the Czech Republic, according to the latest STEM poll released to CTK today. Almost a half of the polled consider age discrimination the most serious form.

Is age discrimination rife in the legal profession?

28 April 2011

Source (Jonathan Rayner, Law Society Gazette)

Jonathan Rayner writing in the Law Society Gazette discusses ageism and age discrimination in the legal sector.

Age discrimination in education? American parent files claim as elementary school daughter is denied access to middle school athletics team

26 April 2011

Source (

In America, a parent is filing an age discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Education against the Mendon-Upton Regional School District for denying his sixth-grade daughter access to the middle school track team.

Age discrimination and the cuts: figures show that council workers aged over 50 big victims

26 April 2011

Source (

A large number of staff aged 50 or over have been made redundant as part of council cost-cutting measures. Figures show that the majority of local authority workers made redundant in the last two years across Sussex are 50 or older.

Isa Leshko's Elderly Animals: there's life in the old dog yet. A series of studies of elderly animals by the American photographer Isa Leshko calls into question our attitudes to ageing and age discrimination

24 April 2011

Source (Guardian)

Age discrimination in the media doesn't stop with humans. Our collective obsession with youth extends to the animal world. Isa Leshko has set out to document old age in the animal kingdom with a series of beautiful photographs entitled Elderly Animals.

Despite anti-ageism laws being created in 2009, age discrimination is still rife in South Korea

20 April 2011

Source (Korean Times)

The Ministry of Employment and Labor said 98 cases, or 2.2 percent, out of 4,381 job advertisements posted on online job sites from March 23 to April 6 contained requirements based on age discrimination.

Age discrimination in the insurance industry? A 66-year-old regular marathon runner was shocked at the high premiums she was confronted with when she needed insurance for her first holiday in six years

20 April 2011

Source (Age UK)

"The search for travel cover was very frustrating," says marathon runner Amanda Wilkins. "I'm in good health and have run six marathons, the last just two years ago, so I'm fit and well. I felt I was being discriminated against because of my age."

Simon Mansell to FSA: denying a role for grandfathering is age discrimination and disadvantages older financial advisers

14 April 2011

Source (FT adviser)

The boss of Worcester-based-Temple Bar says that the FSA's retail distribution review jeopardises The Equality Bill, which will makes age discrimination unlawful in the provision of products and services in 2012, as it disadvantages older IFAs.

Age discrimination in employment: "Youth unemployment - there's no future in it" according to the British Youth Council

13 April 2011

Source (BYC)

One in five young people aged 16 to 24 are out of work - getting close to the million mark. Youth unemployment has risen whilst overall joblessness has fallen‎. Young people are having a tougher time of it – especially those aged 16 and 17.

Age discrimination turns violent: police reveal rise in hate crime against both elderly and young people

11 April 2011

Source (

Police in the Lothians have been noting age as an "aggravating factor" in crimes committed against the elderly - but also young people - where they believe it was a motive behind an attack. A total of 43 age-related hate crimes were reported in the force.

Age discrimination and increasing the unfair dismissal qualifying period to two years

11 April 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

As the Coalition drive for increased workplace equality is undermined by Nick Clegg’s past, our exclusive new research casts further doubt on the Coalition’s equality credentials and reveals the age discrimination behind their key employment law proposal.

Presenter Miriam O'Reilly who won age discrimination case against BBC over sacking from Countryfile to join live daytime series

09 April 2011

Source (Guardian)

Former Countryfile presenter Miriam O'Reilly is to return to BBC1 for the first time since winning her age discrimination case against the corporation as one of the faces of a daytime Crimewatch spin-off show.

Hair today, gone tomorrow? New research reveals what attitudes to appearance in general and hairstyling in particular reveal about ageism in contemporary culture

08 April 2011

Source (

The paper draws on findings from a two-year, nationwide, participative study of age discrimination in the United Kingdom, the Research on Age Discrimination (RoAD) project," researchers in Manchester, United Kingdom report.

Following the beginning of the phasing-out of the default retirement age this week, The Age and Employment Network (TAEN) has called on employers and employees to consider how they will manage retirement and working past the traditional retirement ages

08 April 2011

Source (HR Magazine)

TAEN has joined forces with Saga to produce two pieces of research - one for employers, one for employees. TAEN believes retirement will gradually cease to be a sudden event occurring on a pre-ordained date for all individuals.

Casino could face age discrimination lawsuit for firing cocktail servers, says New York civil rights lawyer

07 April 2011

Source (JD Supra)

A New York casino is sued for age discrimination by 7 fired cocktail waitresses who say the skin-revealing new outfits that casino cocktail waitresses must wear have cost 15 of them their jobs, because middle-aged servers don’t look sexy enough in them.

Age discrimination in employment: employer groups welcome the abolition of the default retirement age

06 April 2011

Source (Personnel today)

Organisations will no longer be able to give employees notice of retirement under DRA provisions and will need to objectively justify any compulsory retirement age still in place to avoid age discrimination claims.

A female newsreader hired by the BBC to combat accusations of ageism has branded her appointment "nothing more than a PR stunt" after she was given just one presenting shift in three months

06 April 2011

Source (

Carole Walker was one of four 50+ female news presenters taken on by the BBC amid controversy over the sacking of Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, now 67, and Countryfile presenter Miriam O'Reilly, 54, who later won an age discrimination case.

Kim Cattrall's red carpet rant: "down with ageism and age discrimination"

05 April 2011

Source (

Cattrall reportedly went on a rant about what she sees as age discrimination in Hollywood against older actresses. "Ask me about being a woman," Cattrall said. "Do you know what it's like to be 54 and marginalized? It doesn't get easier as you get older."

Church of Ireland rector John Hemphill drops age discrimination case

05 April 2011

Source (BBC News)

A Church of Ireland rector has withdrawn an industrial tribunal claim alleging age discrimination, the day before the hearing was due to start. The Reverend John Hemphill has been suspended from his ministry in Ballyhalbert, County Down, since 2009.

Jo Whiley: "it's not ageist or age discrimination, it suits me"

04 April 2011

Source (Express)

As she prepares to begin her new show on Radio 2, Jo Whiley has hit out at claims she’s the latest high-profile presenter to fall victim to ageism and age discrimination at the BBC.

ACTRESS Jenny Agutter has joined calls for an end to age ­discrimination against women in entertainment

02 April 2011

Source (Express)

The 58-year-old, who achieved fame while still a teenager playing Roberta in the film The Railway Children in 1970, said older women should be able to continue working in TV. The actress joins the growing critique of age discrimination in the media.

British Youth Council supports 'Votes at 16'. Campaign to go Europe wide

01 April 2011

Source (British Youth Council)

The British Youth Council (BYC) has been selected to become part of the European Youth Forum’s expert group on Votes at 16. The European Youth Forum is an independent, democratic, youth-led platform, representing 98 National Youth Councils from the EU.

Latest Employment Tribunal statistics show age discrimination is set to become second most common claim brought by employees

01 April 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The latest Ministry of Justice and Tribunal Service statistics show that age discrimination claims continue to rise.

Age discrimination in India: H1B visa charges and age discrimination claims against Infosys

01 April 2011

Source (

In order to hire more Indian staff in the U.S. for India's top outsourcing companies, allegations have come up stating the visa misuse and age discrimination for the recruitment which has become a negative backlash which has to be dealt with.

Age discrimination in the NBA: Jury finds L.A. Clippers did not discriminate against former G.M. Elgin Baylor

31 March 2011

Source (

The Los Angeles Clippers's former general manager Elgin Baylor sued the NBA team alleging age discrimination as he was forced out of the job he held for 22 years. The Los Angeles Superior Court jury rejected Baylor's claim of age discrimination.

Age discrimination claim against Radisson Edwardian as a hotel boss told manager he wanted 'young and sexy staff'

30 March 2011

Source (

A restaurant manager at the five-star hotel chain was told to get rid of older staff as bosses wanted young girls who were sexy, blonde and wore mini-skirts, a tribunal heard yesterday. The age discrimination case continues.

Oxford University are proposing to maintain an employer justified retirement age of 67

28 March 2011

Source (Oxford University)

Their justification relates to academic and financial planning, maintaining opportunities for career progression, promoting diversity in the workforce, and avoiding invidious performance management processes.

Age discrimination in the police? Forced retirement of police officers worries Labour

28 March 2011

Source (BBC News)

More than 2,000 of the country's most experienced police officers could be forced to retire by 2015 as forces try to cut costs, according to Labour. Shadow Home Sceretary Yvette Cooper claims the government is taking unacceptable risks with public safety.

"One in six employees face age discrimination" according to the Employers Forum on Age

28 March 2011

Source (Employers Forum on Age)

Research by the organisation, which looked at the views of 2,000 people, found that one in six people had been discriminated against because of their age.

Older women portrayed as 'sexless grandmothers'. Ageism and age discrimination in the film industry?

28 March 2011

Source (

Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood were still seducing women well into their 60s and even 70s. But when it comes to sexy older females in films there are few, if any, examples.

In Israel, an IBM employee was let go due to age discrimination

24 March 2011

Source (Globe online)

The Tel Aviv District Labor Court last week ordered IBM Israel Ltd. to pay a fired 62-year old employee NIS 192,000 in compensation, after ruling that he had been fired because of age discrimination.

Exclusive new research from reveals the startling impact of age discrimination legislation on recruitment and selection

24 March 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

We obtained data from the Office for National Statistics relating to the length of time it takes people of various ages to find a new job following redundancy. The results show the impact of age discrimination legislation in recruitment and selection.

In news from America, 3M - the manufacturer of Post-it notes and Scotch tape - agrees to pay $12m to settle an age discrimination claim

19 March 2011

Source (Bloomberg)

3M Co. (MMM), the maker of products including Scotch tape and Post-it Notes, agreed to pay as much as $12 million to settle the long-running age discrimination class-action.

Pensions: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) today recommends the UK government further increases the state pension age (SPA) to combat rising costs

19 March 2011

Source (IFA online)

In October last year, the government announced the SPA would rise to 66 by 2020, accelerating the pace of change advocated by the Labour government, which planned to raise the SPA to 66 by 2026. However, the OECD says the reform does not go far enough.

Despite 'obesity epidemic', life expectancy in the UK continues to rise according to a new study

18 March 2011

Source (BBC News)

Statistics show life expectancy in the UK is on the rise, along with the rest of Europe, despite fears over the impact of obesity, population expert Professor David Leon has said.

Age discrimination and the Budget 2011: Age UK have put together a list of measures to benefit older people that they want the Chancellor to include

18 March 2011

Source (Age UK)

With the Chancellor George Osbourne due to unveil the budget next week, Age UK have released a number of proposals which they want included and which will promote age equality and reduce age discrimination in society.

The Department of Health says there is no place for age discrimination in the NHS, but a new report shows the middle aged 'miss out' on life saving cancer surgery

18 March 2011

Source (BBC News)

The Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow, said: "Our population is ageing as more of us live longer - and there can be no place for age discrimination in the NHS. Eliminating inequalities in access to surgery is vital if we are to improve survival rates"

FORMER north Cumbria health boss Nigel Woodcock, who lost his job in the midst of a massive NHS shake-up, is to mount a landmark age discrimination test case at the Court of Appeal

16 March 2011

Source (

His legal team, headed by top QC Paul Gilroy, argues his ‘distinguished and lifelong career’ in the NHS was brought to an end when it was for reasons of ‘cost alone’ which could not justify age discrimination.

As the government launches a consultation on age discrimination, Michelle Mitchell argues that we need to make ageism just as unacceptable as racism and sexism

09 March 2011

Source (Michelle Mitchell writing in the Guardian)

"We could soon see the beginning of a new age for older people, as the government launches a consultation on how to bring age discrimination legislation into force" according to Age UK head Marlene Mitchell

New age discrimination statistics compiled by Age UK show ageism is rife in Europe

07 March 2011

Source (Age UK)

New research commissioned by Age UK reveals that age is the most widely experienced form of discrimination in Europe. Statistics show 64% of those interviewed in the UK and 44.4% across Europe judge age discrimination as a serious problem.

CBI fears surge in age discrimination claims

06 March 2011

Source (

The Government must address business concerns that new retirement rules coming into effect next month will lead to a surge in age discrimination claims, the Confederation of British Industry has warned.

Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland welcomes plans to abolish age discrimination in the NHS

05 March 2011

Source (

Liberal Democrat MP, Greg Mulholland, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ageing and Older People and former Liberal Democrat spokesman for Older People has welcomed the launch of a consultation by the Equalities Office.

Equality Act 2010: Ending age discrimination in services, public functions and associations - a consultation

04 March 2011

Source (Government Equalities Office)

The Equality Act 2010, which received Royal Assent in April 2010, includes provisions enabling a ban on age discrimination in the provision of services and public functions. The Government has opened consultation on a number of proposed exceptions.

The finalised Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations 2011 are now out

04 March 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Age discrimination in employment: the draft regulations phasing out the default retirement age have been finalised and put before Parliament. A number of drafting errors have now been resolved.

Insurance group BIBA praises government stance on age discrimination

04 March 2011

Source (Insurance Times)

BIBA has welcomed the age discrimination in goods and services consultation paper from the Government Equalities Office that proposes ‘signposting’ of insurance products for older customers.

Church of Ireland rector in age discrimination case

03 March 2011

Source (BBC News)

A suspended Church of Ireland rector is taking his local bishop to court on the grounds of age discrimination.

No more age discrimination on the NHS

03 March 2011

Source (

The NHS must never commit age discrimination – that was the message given by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow today as he announced that the Department of Health will not be seeking any exceptions to the planned implementation of the Equality Act 2010.

Government tell insurers to use solid evidence for age discrimination

03 March 2011

Source (IFA online)

The government is proposing to make it illegal to discriminate against older people, which would ban insurers using age to judge risk unless they have "solid evidence" it would make a difference.

What retirement? Offical statistics show a massive rise in over-65s still working and is hailed as a victory against age discrimination

03 March 2011

Source (The Independent (online))

New statistics show that the number of over-65s still in work has doubled in the past decade. The increase in older workers was hailed as a victory against age discrimination, but unions warned that older employees could suffer workplace injuries.

Angela Rippon on age discrimination: ‘Viewers don’t care about a presenter’s age or sex’

02 March 2011

Source (

The newsreader tells Benji Wilson about age discrimination and ageism, women in TV – and an arduous trip for Comic Relief.

ECJ insurance ruling raises concern over age discrimination

01 March 2011

Source (Post online)

In addition to raising insurance premiums for women, there are fears that today’s European Court of Justice ruling that gender based pricing in insurance is illegal, will lead to further challenges with regard to age discrimination.

BBC spent £45,000 defending Miriam O'Reilly's age discrimination claim - and lost

26 February 2011

Source (

The BBC spent nearly £45,000 on legal fees defending itself against Miriam O’Reilly’s age discrimination claim - despite ultimately accepting defeat and admitting that we “clearly did not get it right”.

Tory councillor swaps sides and joins Labour amid allegations of age discrimination

26 February 2011

Source (Blackpool Gazette)

A long serving Conservative councillor in Blackpool has quit his party amid allegations of age discrimination.

Experts criticise continued confusion around new default retirement age Regulations

24 February 2011

Source (

Employment law experts have condemned the Government's handling of the abolition of the default retirement age (DRA) amid claims that the forthcoming Regulations are confusing for employers and could leave them open to claims of age discrimination.

New age discrimination statistics show scandal of women over 50 who are scorned for jobs

18 February 2011

Source (Express)

New research by shows an alarming four out of five women over 50 think that they have suffered age discrimination and been overlooked in job or pro­motion interviews in favour of younger candidates.

The draft Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations are now out

17 February 2011

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

In the long term the new Regulations remove the exceptions that currently say it is not age discrimination to retire someone and that retirement is a potentially fair reason for dismissal. However, there are some transitional provisions.

Seldon's age discrimination case to go to Supreme Court; the decision will have wider significance following the repeal of the DRA

15 February 2011

Source (Employers Forum on Age)

On 14 February 2011, the Employers’ Forum on Age reported that the Supreme Court has granted leave to appeal to Leslie Seldon. Mr Seldon claims he was the subject of unlawful age discrimination when, as a partner, he was forced to retire from his law firm

Age discrimination in employment: What are your rights if you don't want to retire at 65

15 February 2011

Source (

As the deadline for abolishing compulsory retirement at 65 looms, it has emerged that companies and their Human Resources professionals are in disarray. This article assesses the situation and answers your age discrimination and retirement questions.

Poor treatment of older people in the NHS is an attitude problem

15 February 2011

Source (Guardian)

Age discrimination in the NHS: Health service ombudsman report reveals shocking treatment of the over-65s, who are being failed again and again

Age discrimination in the UK economic slowdown: statistics show those aged 50 to 60 worst hit by financial crisis

14 February 2011

Source (

Those between the ages of 50 and 60 have been worst hit by the economic turmoil, suffering a significant decline in their quality of life, according to official statistics and an in-depth report by SAGA into the finances and wellbeing of older citizens.

Innovative $250m gay retirement community plans unveiled in Calfornia could help combat ageism and age discrimination by defying age stereotypes

14 February 2011

Source (

The New York-based principal of Hollwich Kushner has been studying ageing and design for the last three years and believes architecture can help combat age discrimination by defying stereotypes and keeping elderly people fit, active and culturally-engaged

Fresh from her age discrimination victory, Miriam O'Reilly could be returning to the BBC

11 February 2011

Source (Press Association)

Miriam O'Reilly - the axed presenter who won an age discrimination claim against the BBC - could return as a daytime TV host for the corporation.

Miriam O'Reilly investigates age discrimination and ageism in TV

10 February 2011

Source (

After winning her age discrimination case against the BBC, former Countryfile presenter Miriam O'Reilly asks Les Dennis, Arlene Phillips and Alan Yentob why the over-50s are overlooked in television.

Age discrimination may be on the decrease as new statistics show older workers cope better during the recession

03 February 2011

Source (This is Somerset)

Although employment rates for senior citizens held up in the hard times and are now on the rise, and men and women are working longer before they retire, age discrimination in employment may persist as the number of jobless young people continues to grow.

John Stapleton: Forget age discrimination. Experience is priceless, my age is just a number

03 February 2011

Source (Manchester Evening News)

Broadcaster John Stapleton comments on ageism in the media after the O'Reilly age discrimination victory against the BBC.

The BBC reacts to Miriam O'Reilly's age discrimination victory by hiring string of 50+ female presenters.

01 February 2011

Source (The Mirror)

Julia Somerville has been hired by the BBC, along with Fiona Armstrong, 54, Zeinab Badawi, 51, and 50-year-old Carole Walker, to front the ­broadcaster’s News Channel and beat the ageism slurs and claims of age discrimination.

REC: Recruiters can help eradicate age discrimination

26 January 2011

Source (

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has claimed that UK recruiters can provide a vital service for older age workers who are looking for both contract and permanent placements, leading to less age discrimination and ageism in the workplace.

Axed Countryfile host Miriam - who recently won an age discrimination claim against the BBC - is to front ITV show about ageism

22 January 2011

Source (What's on TV)

Countryfile host Miriam O'Reilly, who recently won an age discrimination tribunal against the BBC, is now set to front a show on ITV - about ageism and age discrimination.

Age discrimination in employment: Number of older people forced out of work reaches record high

20 January 2011

Source (

Older age people face age discrimination and the number retiring early has reached a record high as older workers are forced out of the competitive job market, according to official figures.

Strip club waitress, 56, wins $60k payout in age discrimination claim

18 January 2011

Source (Mail online)

A strip bar waitress aged 56 - who was teased about having Alzheimer’s and was unfairly fired - has won a $60,000 payout for age discrimination.

Pension schemes ‘risk’ age discrimination claims due to default retirement age (DRA) abolition and impact on older worker insurance benefits

17 January 2011

Source (Fresh business thinking)

Georgina Jones, Associate at Sackers & Partners comments on the Government's age discrimination drive and its plans to abolish the Default Retirement Age (DRA). She also outlines the likely impact for workers and company pension schemes.

'Pensions shake-up will provide more elderly and old age pensioners with secure future' according to age discrimination campaigner Steve Webb MP

17 January 2011

Source (This is Somerset)

The Pensions Bill will ban forced retirement at 65, which campaigners have welcomed as a significant boost against age discrimination. It will also help hundreds of thousands of people save for their retirement but faces opposition from the IoD...

New paternity leave plans may lead to age discrimination against 20-30 year olds

17 January 2011

Source (Sky news)

Nick Clegg's proposals might see employers avoiding recruitment of any person in their 20s or 30s, which would lead to an increase in the number of age discrimination claims and the burden of tribunal claims on employers.

How the O'Reilly age discrimination decision will affect British broadcasting

13 January 2011

Source (Broadcast)

The O’Reilly age discrimination decision is likely to be of huge importance to broadcasters. It is the first major decision of its kind in the UK. Russell Brimelow of Lewis Silkin comments on the case and its implications.

Ministers confirm end of default retirement age; age discrimination charities celebrate whilst CBI critical

13 January 2011

Source (BBC News)

Workers will no longer be forced to retire at 65 under rules to stamp out age discrimination published by the government today in direct defiance of fierce lobbying from business groups to delay the measure.

Government abolishes default retirement age in move to end age discrimination

13 January 2011

Source (Solicitors Journal)

Ignoring pleas from employers, the government has confirmed that the default retirement age (DRA) will be consigned to history from October this year. Age discrimination expert James Davies comments.

Emails that showed the panic that gripped the BBC in Countryfile presenter's age discrimination sacking

12 January 2011

Source (Mail online)

As Mirian O'Reilly celebrates victory in her age discrimination case against the BBC, a series of sensational emails have emerged that reveal the BBC's panic over her ageism sacking.

Countryfile's Miriam O'Reilly wins BBC age discrimination claim

11 January 2011

Source (Guardian)

Former BBC presenter Miriam O'Reilly has won her case for age discrimination against the corporation after she was dropped from BBC1's rural affairs show, Countryfile. The tribunal upheld her claim for age discrimination but not sex discrimination.

John Suchet: don't worry about age discrimination, newsreaders today need to be younger

11 January 2011

Source (

Selina Scott, Miriam O'Reilly and Peter Sissons may have accused modern television executives of age discrimination – but one former colleague says it’s only right that newsreaders are getting younger.

Old age pensioners become eligible for jury service as the Scottish Parliament moves to eradicate age discrimination

10 January 2011

Source (STV)

The move, which was unanimously approved by the Scottish Parliament, will make those older than 65 eligible for jury service. It is aimed at ending age discrimination and relieving the burden of jury service on people of working age.

Her Royal Highness the Queen, 84, accused of age discrimination

07 January 2011

Source (East London and West Essex Guardian Series )

The Queen has been accused of age discrimination after refusing to employ a man nearly 20 years her junior on the grounds that he is too old.

FBI sued over alleged age discrimination

30 December 2010

Source (

Forty-five current and retired FBI agents sued the Bureau for alleged age discrimination. The lawsuit claims an FBI term limit policy of 5 years for field office squad supervisors is ageist and aimed at removing those supervisors over 40 years of age.

Age discrimination: we need an NHS for later life

30 December 2010

Source (Guardian)

Marlene Mitchell, director of age discrimination charity Age UK, discusses the rise in the numbers of centenarians, age discrimination and the NHS.

NBA age limit needs to disappear forever to get rid of age discrimination in professional basketball

28 December 2010

Source (

The NBA age limit should be abolished because players deserve the freedom to jump straight from high school to the pros if they so choose. This article discusses age discrimination in the NBA and the minimum age limits.

How old is too old? Retirement ages for partners

21 December 2010

Source (Law Gazette)

Telling someone that they must stop work merely because they have reached a particular birthday is a blatant form of age discrimination. This article by age discrimination expert James Davies discusses retirement ages in the context of law firms.

EEF calls for delay on retirement age changes

20 December 2010

Source (

The EEF, the manufacturers' organisation, has backed the CBI's call to delay scrapping the default retirement age, claiming the changes are being "rushed through".

Radical action can help get UK's youth working

20 December 2010

Source (

It could only happen in China. Five years ago, in a scheme marshalled by the Shanghai authorities, thousands of 17 to 22-year olds were assessed for their intelligence and skills.

Retirement must wait as older workers struggle to pay bills

20 December 2010

Source (

Nearly half of people currently in their fifties will have to work past the age of 65 because they cannot afford to retire, according to Government estimates.

Age discrimination in the police? Senior officers are to be retired as part of a cost cutting program

17 December 2010

Source (Northampton Chronicle and Echo)

Police are to push ahead with plans to force officers with 30 years or more service into early retirement, despite opposition from county officials and fears over breaching age discrimination legislation.

Does financial IT really value a few grey hairs? Or does the sector suffer from age discrimination?

17 December 2010

Source (efinancialcareers)

The perils of being a banker on the wrong side of 50 are well-documented, but surely age discrimination is more commonplace in the cutting edge, young buck-populated world of technology? We report on older workers in the IT sector.

Report shows age discrimination still common in the workplace

13 December 2010

Source (Totally Money)

Aviva’s quarterly Real Retirement Report finds that almost a third of pensioners claimed that they were pushed into retiring earlier than they would have liked by their employer, highlighting the levels of age discrimination still evident in the workplace

CBI demanding clarification of new rules on age discrimination

13 December 2010

Source (Business.Scotsman.Com)

Companies face "huge uncertainty" and a greater risk of being taken to employment tribunals with expensive age discrimination claims if the UK government does not delay planned changes to the retirement age, the CBI claimed today.

British Social Attitudes survey: spending cuts could fuel 'generational conflict' and age discrimination

13 December 2010

Source (

A report published by the National Centre for Social Research found young people were more likely to report age discrimination over the past year. Researchers claim the age of austerity may entrench ageism and “deepen the fault lines” between generations.

Easyjet cabin crew take firm to Tribunal over age discrimination claim

07 December 2010

Source (

Redundant cabin crew are taking on budget airline easyJet over claims of unfair dismissal and age discrimination. The group of 10 former senior flight attendants based at Newcastle International Airport all got the axe last December.

Concerns raised over access to online fuel tariffs and age discrimination as old age pensioners and the elderly cannot get the cheapest deals.

04 December 2010

Source (BBC News)

The chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee has said it is unfair that online customers get the best gas and electricity deals and may be ageist and age discrimination.

"You're OAPless": age discrimination in the Equality and Human Rights Commission?

03 December 2010

Source (The Sun)

The anti-ageism watchdog that fights age discrimination in the workplace employs FEWER older people than most of the firms it monitors, a study revealed yesterday.

Age discrimination by GPs may affect your chances of getting a referral

01 December 2010

Source (BBC News)

Age discrimination in the NHS: age, sex and wealth all affect how likely your GP is to refer you for a specialist appointment, a new study has concluded.

WRU orders player to retire at 56. Player claims age discrimination.

30 November 2010

Source (BBC News)

Thirty six years after starting to play amateur rugby, a 55-year-old player says being forced to retire on his birthday due to Welsh Rugby Union insurance rules is age discrimination.

Have you planned for the abolition of the default retirement age? How will you avoid age discrimination claims?

29 November 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Although it is clear that the Default Retirement Age (the DRA) is going to go, there is still some uncertainty as to when this will happen. Follow the link below for a useful guide for employers on how to avoid age discrimination if the DRA is abolished.

Age discrimination is rife in ageist media, according to Anchor

28 November 2010

Source (Express on Sunday)

New research by Anchor, the country's largest not-for-profit provider of care and accommodation for older people, shows age discrimination is rampant in the media.

"Retired by default" - age discrimination and the default retirement age

26 November 2010

Source (New Law Journal)

Age discrimination guru James Davies reports on some age old issues in this article on ELA's response to the Default Retirement Age consultation.

Why snuffing out the DRA too quickly may be counterproductive

25 November 2010

Source (People Magazine)

James Davies, Head of the Employment Department at Lewis Silkin, comments on the Employment Lawyers Association concerns on the abolition of the DRA.

Longleat Estate fires every employee over 65

24 November 2010

Source (Small World News Service)

As employers across the country start to plan for the abolition of the Default Retirement Age, bosses at Longleat Estate have sparked outrage by firing every employee aged over 65. Union leaders have condemned the move as ageist and age discrimination.

Tribunal reserves judgment in Countryfile age discrimination case

17 November 2010

Source (Press Association)

A written judgment in Miriam O'Reilly's age discrimination case is expected either just before or after Christmas.

The Welsh Assembly must adopt bold measures to tackle pensioner poverty, ill-health and age discrimination according to Age Cymru.

16 November 2010

Source (Wales online)

Age Cymru is demanding that funding is ring-fenced to ensure that the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy to tackle pensioner poverty, ill-health and age discrimination can be put into action.

BBC ex-boss Hunt hits back in Countryfile age discrimination row

11 November 2010

Source (BBC News)

Former BBC One controller Jay Hunt has denied she hates women of a certain age at the tribunal of Miriam O'Reilly who is seeking compensation for alleged sex and age discrimination

Mayer Brown Locked in Age Discrimination Suit With Former Employee

10 November 2010

Source (

In the US, a former Mayer Brown employee says that she was illegally fired by the firm because of unlawful age discrimination.

Should Celebrities Have to Reveal Their Age?

10 November 2010

Source (

Age is just a number—but age discrimination is rampant in Hollywood and for celebrities, age has a big influence on their paychecks.

'You're not young and pretty enough to pass BBC's prime-time test'

09 November 2010

Source (Evening Standard (London, UK))

FORMER Countryfile presenter Charlotte Smith was dropped from the show because she was not "young and pretty" enough to pass the primetime test, a tribunal heard today.

Player told he's too old for rugby team

09 November 2010

Source (South Wales Echo)

When 55-year-old Stephen Clee came on for his local rugby club when one of its players was forced to sit out, he proved that age doesn't matter. But now he is at the centre of an age discrimination row after being told he is "too old" to play.

Redundancy: Facing up to 'threat' of early retirement

06 November 2010

Source (

WORKERS being made redundant in their fifties and early sixties face the prospect of unwanted early retirement as Scotland stands on the brink of a new surge in unemployment.

Surrey police officers forced to retire to cut costs

05 November 2010

Source (BBC News)

Surrey Police has become the first force in England to make some officers with more than 30 years service retire in a bid to cut costs, but the Age and Employment Network said police plans for forced retirement amounted to "naked ageism".

'Ousted' Countryfile presenter Miriam O'Reilly, 53, claims BBC boss told her: 'You'll have to be careful about those wrinkles when HDTV comes in'

04 November 2010

Source (Mail Online)

The presenter, 53, is suing the broadcaster for sex and age discrimination after losing her job when the show was moved to a prime-time slot.

Retirement age abolition will cause benefit issues

02 November 2010

Source (Professional Pensions)

Employers must formalise their flexible retirement policies ahead of the abolition of the default retirement age or risk breaching age discrimination laws, JLT Benefit Solutions warns.

Pension rule changes put job creation at risk say SME leaders

29 October 2010

Source (

Proposed changes to pensions and retirement rules will make it more difficult for smaller firms to create jobs, according to the Forum of Private Business.

Australia to toughen up age discrimination laws

28 October 2010

Source (Herald Sun)

Men and the elderly will be among the key beneficiaries under a strengthening of Australia's age discrimination laws.

Supermodels shouldn't face age discrimination

28 October 2010

Source (The Simmons Voice)

Heidi Klum's departure from Victoria's Secret brings up the question of age in the modeling industry: how old is too old to model?

Hiring across the generation gap

27 October 2010

Source (

With the default retirement age soon to be a relic of the past, DeeDee Doke discovers that the greater battle is to change both workers’ and employers’ attitudes to age and prevent age discrimination

60 year old American woman files age discrimination complaint against a senior-citizen advocacy group

22 October 2010

Source (Wisconsin journal)

A 60-year-old woman has filed an age discrimination complaint against a Wisconsin-based group that advocates for senior citizens.

Older people 'spending more on basics'

22 October 2010

Source (Age UK)

People aged over 50 are spending an increasingly large proportion of their income on basic items such as fuel and food, according to a new study.

Comprehensive Spending Review - the impact

21 October 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Young people aged under 25 have long faced age discrimination in the benefits system. Now, this has been changed, but not for the better…

Phasing out the Default Retirement Age – what are your views?

21 October 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Do you think it can't come soon enough, or is it just another cause for concern amongst businesses? Whatever your views, would love to hear them.

According to Age UK, "Comprehensive Spending Review is a fair deal for older people"

20 October 2010

Source (Age UK)

Age UK is relieved to see that older people have not been punished too much by the Comprehensive Spending Review.

More southerners planning to work past DRA than northerners

20 October 2010

Source (Personnel Today)

More southern workers plan to continue working after the default retirement age (DRA) than their northern counterparts, according to a report on ageing and retirement.

Gurkha veterans lose pension appeal

14 October 2010

Source (Guardian)

Gurkha veterans have lost the latest round of their legal battle with the Ministry of Defence over their Army pensions.

Pension income 'trumps inheritance'

13 October 2010

Source (Press Association)

Most people would rather maximise their income than leave an inheritance from their pensions, according to research.

Campaign shows that age is just a number

11 October 2010

Source (South Wales Echo (UK))

The Age is Just a Number campaign has teamed up older and younger people in the Caerphilly area to bridge the divide between the age groups, by using positive images.

The women fighting age discrimination with botox

07 October 2010

Source (Coventry Telegraph)

Surgeons are amazed by the number of customers opting for cosmetic treatments in a bid to keep pace with younger colleagues or compete for jobs.

Medic 'a victim of smear campaign': Tribunal hears claims of age discrimination

02 October 2010

Source (Newcastle Evening Chronicle)

A TOP doctor was the target for a smear campaign after accusing his bosses of age discrimination, a tribunal heard.

Senate campaigns for older people in Wales

01 October 2010

Source (BBC News)

Four national older people's organisations are joining to create a senate to give older people a stronger voice in Wales.

The only generation that matters

28 September 2010

Source (The Independent (online edition))

Former MP Michael Brown discusses the trend for political parties to choose younger leaders. In his view, our representative democracy has matured on terms of sex, race and gender balance, but has taken a step back in terms of age discrimination.

Retirement 'shunned by 60% of UK wealthy individuals'

27 September 2010

Source (BBC News)

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said 1,800 people in Epsom and Ewell will hit the milestone age as the country celebrates the Olympics - 300 more than this year.

Epsom's baby boom generation face delay in getting state pension

27 September 2010

Source (This is Local London )

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said 1,800 people in Epsom and Ewell will hit the milestone age as the country celebrates the Olympics - 300 more than this year.

Abolition of Default Retirement Age Will Hit Small Firms, Says IoD

27 September 2010

Source (IoD)

Institute of Directors argues that government proposal to abolish Default Retirement Age will force employers to dismiss underperformers over age of 65

Firing Line: Ros Altmann

23 September 2010

Source (FT)

Long-time pension campaigner and newly-appointed director general of Saga, Ros Altmann speaks to Pam Atherton about her plans to give a voice to the over-50s.

Older workers 'may underestimate the struggle to get back into work'

23 September 2010

Source (CMI)

When deciding whether or not to accept lucrative redundancy deals, older workers should consider their long-term prospects, it has been suggested.

The Middle East could provide opportunities for silver-haired bankers

21 September 2010

Source (efinancialcareers)

This article looks at age discrimination of older workers in the financial services industry, and discusses how the Middle East can offer a wealth of opportunities.

Workplaces 'unprepared' for older workforces

15 September 2010

Source (Guardian)

Despite estimates that a third of UK workers will be over 50 by 2020, a report has revealed that businesses are under prepared

The Times launches this year’s award for high-achieving over-70s

11 September 2010

Source (The Times (online edition))

The Times today launches its third Active Life Award to celebrate the achievements of older people.

Retirement and age discrimination laws need clarifying according to Duncan Bannatyne

10 September 2010

Source (

The BBC2 'dragon' comments on the Coalition's plans to combat age discrimination by abolishing the default retirement age.

P Diddy sued in $12m age discrimination claim

01 September 2010

Source (AP)

A New York woman has sued Sean "Diddy" Combs for age discrimination, saying the rapper-producer fired her two decades after she helped launch his career.

Ros Altmann: combat age discrimination and halt the pensions crisis

26 August 2010

Source (Yorkshire Post)

The independent pension expert and former adviser to Tony Blair advocates a renewed fight against age discrimation to help defuse the pensions 'time bomb'.

Ex-policeman takes age discrimination case to the Supreme Court

25 August 2010

Source (Yorkshire Post)

Mr Homer, a former detective inspector who accuses a Yorkshire police force of age discrimination, will take his case to the Supreme Court next year.

Wales commissioner calls for older people's rights

24 August 2010

Source (BBC News)

Older people deserve a specific set of rights to combat age discrimination and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect, according to the older people's commissioner for Wales.

Abolishing the default retirement age - a closer look at the government's consultation

23 August 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

We reported previously on the Coalition Government’s plans to combat age discrimination by abolishing the default retirement age. We report now on some of the detail contained within the consultation document “Phasing out the default retirement age”.

Four out of 10 pensioners working

19 August 2010

Source (The Press Association)

Four out of 10 people aged over 65 are continuing to work in order to boost their income, a survey suggests.

The Equality Act 2010 will bring a renewed focus on potentially discriminatory employment practices – such as the continued use of PQE figures in many legal job ads?

16 August 2010

Source (Gavin Ward, the Journal Online)

After at least seven years of training, many NQs and assistants, who have found themselves unemployed due to the downturn, are finding it hard to take that next critical step in their career. One hurdle for them to face is a relative lack of years of PQE.

Google to face age discrimination lawsuit in court

11 August 2010

Source (Internet Business Law Services)

One of the world's most popular search engines is accused of age discrimination in the US

Over 50 and on the scrapheap: As recession bites, a record rise in older workers condemned to long-term unemployment

11 August 2010

Source (Mail online)

The recession has created a generation of over-50s who are condemned to long-term unemployment, disturbing new figures revealed last night.

Our OAPS left with no cover: Plight of elderly seeking insurance

11 August 2010

Source (The Mirror)

Insurance companies are penalising pensioners for being old by hiking up costs or, worse, refusing to cover them.

Middle-aged, middle class, with top why can't they get a job?

05 August 2010

Source (Mail online)

There are now at least 389,000 over-50s who can't get a job. The Mail reported recently on the personal experiences of some of them.

Altmann says radical change needed for state pension

05 August 2010

Source (

Independent pensions consultant Ros Altmann has called for radical change to ensure a decent state pension.

Employers Under Time Pressure Over Retirement Age Reforms

04 August 2010

Source (LexisNexis)

Long-term campaigner for ending the default retirement age, James Davies of Lewis Silkin, believes many employers will have to respond quickly if they are not going to be caught out, as he tells Neasa MacErlean.

IBM in pension change legal fight from ex-employees

04 August 2010

Source (BBC News)

IBM is facing legal action from 250 ex-employees who claim they were "forced" to take early retirement before changes to the pension scheme.

Employers urged to recruit from all ages

03 August 2010

Source (Belfast Telegraph)

Rachel Krys, campaign director for the Employers Forum on Age, speaks out about employers attitudes to recuiting older workers.

Abolition of retirement age is wise, but it won't solve the pensions problem

01 August 2010

Source (Guardian)

The UK's 200 largest companies have a pensions shortfall of £100bn and the downturn is likely to make deficits worse

Default retirement age to be axed

29 July 2010

Source (BBC News)

The government has announced plans to scrap the default retirement age in the UK from October 2011.

CBI reacts to Government's plans to scrap the Default Retirement Age

29 July 2010

Source (CBI)

John Cridland, CBI Deputy Director-General, comments on the proposals.

Coalition plans will lead to more older workers

28 July 2010

Source (HR Zone)

Age UK has called on the coalition government to do more to tackle age discrimination if it is to push through proposed benefit reforms likely to boost the number of older workers returning to the jobs market.

Age discrimination warning for growing numbers of older workers

26 July 2010

Source (Personnel Today)

More older workers are likely to find an "invisible wall" of ageism between them and a new job, resulting in greater numbers being stuck in long-term unemployment, charity Age UK has warned.

Ageist attitudes still persist in UK workplaces

26 July 2010

Source (Grapevine online)

Figures published by a Government body have revealed that hundreds of thousands of UK workers are suffering from age discrimination.

We all need to talk about retirement

19 July 2010

Source (Guardian)

Removing the default retirement age could have unwelcome consequences if the issues involved are not widely debated

Olympic Committee receives age discrimination award

16 July 2010

Source (Gov UK Live)

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) have been given an Employers Forum on Age (EFA) award for their work on tackling age discrimination in the work place.

Selina Scott: Why I believe the BBC is guilty of blatant ageism and sexism

14 July 2010

Source (

Former newsreader Selina Scott delivers a blistering account of her report into ageism and sexism within the BBC.

Robert Butler, who coined `ageism,’ dies at 83

13 July 2010

Source (Las Vegas Sun)

Dr. Robert Butler, a Pulitzer Prize-winning expert on aging who coined the phrase "ageism," has died in New York City, his daughter said Tuesday. He was 83.

37% rise in age discrimination claims

08 July 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

New employment tribunal statistics show a significant rise in the number of age discrimination claims submitted.

Poor in UK dying 10 years earlier than rich, despite years of government action

02 July 2010

Source (Guardian)

Department of Health and NHS criticised for making too little progress on tackling key barometer of inequality

'NHS age discrimination puts at risk the lives of older women with breast cancer'

01 July 2010

Source (Mail online)

Older women with breast cancer are having their lives put at risk by age discrimination in the NHS, experts warned yesterday.

Over 50s say compulsory retirement age 'unnecessary'

28 June 2010

Source (BBC News)

A majority of older people do not want to be forced to retire at 65, according to a survey.

Give over-40s free IVF to avoid age discrimination

28 June 2010

Source (Mail online)

Women over the age of 40 could get free fertility treatment on the NHS for the first time as the Health Service may have to scrap controversial age limits for IVF to avoid the threat of being sued under age discrimination laws.

NHS could offer women over 40 fertility treatment to avoid being sued for age discrimination

28 June 2010

Source (Mail online)

The Health Service may have to scrap controversial age limits for IVF to avoid the threat of being sued under age discrimination laws.

Budget 2010 and the end of the Default Retirement Age: the CBI’s opinion

24 June 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

Government proposals to abolish the Default Retirement Age will hit businesses and lead to an increase in expensive employment tribunal claims, the Confederation of British Industry warns.

State pension age could rise to 66 for men as early as 2016

24 June 2010

Source (Guardian)

Work and pensions secretary Ian Duncan Smith and pensions minister Steve Webb announce plans "to reinvigorate the pension landscape".

Budget 2010: Default Retirement Age to be phased out ‘quickly’

23 June 2010

Source (

Workers will win the right to stay in their jobs beyond the age of 65 next year.

Female presenters out to pasture at 45, says axed Countryfile presenter

14 June 2010

Source (

No woman is safe in television once she reaches 45, according to a Countryfile presenter who is suing the BBC for age and sex discrimination.

Maximum age limit of 70 for jury service - MoJ completes first stage of review

09 June 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The Ministry of Justice yesterday closed a consultation paper seeking comments on how old jurors should be.

BBC faces tide of claims for sex and age discrimination

08 June 2010

Source (Mail online)

The Mail reports that the BBC is facing a rapidly increasing number of claims for age discrimination by its female staff.

Civil Rights Commission to hold hearing on age discrimination of the unemployed

07 June 2010

Source (

The United States Commission on Civil Rights will hold a public briefing on Friday 11 June 2010 in Washington D.C. with a panel of experts to examine the recession, unemployment and the effects on older workers.

Bovis Lend Lease faces discrimination action

07 June 2010

Source (The Lawyer)

Construction giant Bovis Lend Lease is facing an age discrimination and unfair dismissal claim from a former in-house lawyer.

Civil service redundancy decision is not quite the victory we thought

28 May 2010

Source (Guardian)

The Public and Commercial Services Union's victory in challenging the removal of redundancy benefits leaves entrenched a potentially age discriminatory scheme.

Pension credits 'could be scrapped'

24 May 2010

Source (Press Associatation)

A leading pensions guru has said pension credits could be phased out temporarily by the new coalition Government as a compromise over state pension reform.

A new age dawns for the woman who took on her NHS employers and won

21 May 2010

Source (Yorkshire Post)

Having already won £40,000, an NHS manager received an extra £147,000 in her age discrimination claim.

The coalition Government reveals some of its plans

20 May 2010

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The new coalition Government has been revealing some of its proposed new policies. We take a quick look at how some of their proposals might affect older people.

Planet Insurance

13 May 2010

Source (IFA online)

In the horse trading between the Government and Opposition that took place in the run up to the election, the Equality Bill received Royal Assent. Richard Walsh comments on the impact of the age discrimination provisions on the insurance industry.

TV chef backs hospital food project for older people

03 May 2010

Source (Age UK)

Pioneering research from the University of Reading is being used to enhance the taste of hospital food to help prevent or treat malnutrition in older people. The project is supported by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and funded by Age UK.

Sixteen is old enough to vote

01 May 2010

Source (

A recent Bitish Youth Council survey reveals the most important issues for young people ahead of the General Election.

Nick Clegg sets out policies for older people

29 April 2010

Source (

"Liberal Democrats will change things for older people, putting fairness into social care and pensions," said the Liberal Democrat Leader.

General election 2010

14 April 2010

Source (Age UK)

Age UK Charity Director Michelle Mitchell comments on the three main parties' manifestos

Age discrimination in Nigeria

12 April 2010

Source (Nigerian Tide)

This opinion piece by Arnold Alalibo of the Nigerian Tide discusses age discrimination in Nigeria, the absence of age discrimination legislation and whether it is time for reform.

'Grey vote' could be election key, research suggests

05 April 2010

Source (BBC News)

Older voters could hold the key to the outcome of the general election, research commissioned by the charity Age UK suggests.

Women at BBC to blame for ageism, says Selina Scott

05 April 2010

Source (

Women at the top of the BBC are to blame for age discrimination against female presenters, claims the former newsreader Selina Scott.

Older teachers warn of 'ageism', NASUWT conference told

03 April 2010

Source (BBC News)

Older teachers feel they are being pushed aside and treated unfairly, a teachers' conference is to be told.

Are insurers excused from equality laws?

29 March 2010

Source (

Age discrimination remains rife in the insurance industry according to research by Age Concern and Help the Aged. Half of motor insurers and a third of travel insurers automatically exclude people aged 80 plus seeking quotes, irrespective of their health

Internet-shy spies face the sack

29 March 2010

Source (

No Mister Bond, I expect you to get better IT skills

Budget 2010: Retirement age removal to lead to pensions review

25 March 2010

Source (

The Chancellor’s commitment to a formal consultation on reforms to the Default Retirement Age will cause employers to review how they implement their pensions provision, according to Carol Dempsey reward partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Call for employers to recognise the value of older staff

24 March 2010

Source (

EMPLOYERS practising age discrimination by failing to hire experienced staff could be missing out on adding huge value to their business, according to a recruitment services and training provider.

BBC is not just ageist against women, says John Simpson

23 March 2010

Source (The Independent (online edition))

World affairs editor says discrimination comes from top of the Corporation.

Senior PSNI 'bias' case is settled

16 March 2010

Source (BBC News)

A case brought by a senior Catholic police officer against the PSNI alleging religious and age discrimination has been settled.

13-Year-Old Prodigy Claims Age Discrimination After Being Denied Enrollment in Class

15 March 2010

Source (

Colin Carlson, a 13-year-old student at the University of Connecticut, has claimed he is the victim of age discrimination after being denied enrollment in a class that requires field work in Africa.

Under-18s 'suffer discrimination'

01 March 2010

Source (UKPA)

A new poll shows that many young people have experienced age discrimination.

Shameful BA Seeks to Continue Race and Age Discrimination

01 March 2010

Source (PR Newswire)

Unite the union denounces British Airways for trying to overturn a ruling saying its policy of dismissing female cabin crew at 45 was age discriminatory.

Employers forcing people to retire to cut staff costs

25 February 2010

Source (

The number of people forced to retire at 65 quadruples in a year as employers take advantage of laws during the recession, charities warned.

Parties urged to scrap default retirement age

25 February 2010

Source (BBC News)

Politicians are being urged to scrap the default retirement age amid concerns that employers have used it to save costs during the recession.

Scrapping Default Retirement Age tops Age Concern and Help the Aged's pre-election manifesto challenge‚ as new research shows 100‚000 older workers were forced to retire last year

25 February 2010

Source (Age Concern)

The Age Concern and Help the Aged pre-election manifesto is challenging all political parties to commit to scrapping forced retirement legislation.

ITV presenter quits after withdrawing discrimination allegations

24 February 2010

Source (

Presenter Lisa Aziz is leaving ITV for ''personal reasons'', it has been announced.

Age discrimination rife in breast cancer treatment

24 February 2010

Source (

Older women with breast cancer are less likely to receive surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat it, a charity has warned.

Better law for the elderly and disabled people

24 February 2010

Source (Law Commission)

Overhauling the outdated laws that govern the care provided to elderly and disabled people will save unnecessary red tape, delays and litigation, and public money.

Senior PSNI officer in religious bias case

23 February 2010

Source (BBC News)

A senior Catholic police officer is to take a case against the PSNI alleging religious and age discrimination.

EU researchers tackle age discrimination in clinical trials

19 February 2010

Source (Cordis News)

An EU funded research project is looking at why the elderly are excluded from clincial trials and is working on a charter that opposes discrimination against the elderly.

Obituary: Donald Steele: Tireless campaigner for older people's rights

09 February 2010

Source (Guardian obituaries)

Donald Steele, who has died aged 76, was a leading campaigner for improvements in social policy for older people. From 1993 onwards, Don was director of social policy for the Association of Retired and People over 50.

Insurers accused of age discrimination

08 February 2010

Source (Press and Journal)

The insurance industry is discriminating against older people with half of motor insurers refusing to offer quotes to people aged over 80, a charity has said.

Serial claimant's bonanza from 'ageist' job ads

07 February 2010

Source (Times online)

A serial litigant is believed to have earned thousands of pounds by bombarding employers with claims of ageism simply because they used the words “school leaver” or “recent graduate” in job advertisements.

Unfair sacking payout for sex bias claim prison officer

02 February 2010

Source (Yorkshire Post)

An employment tribunal condemned the Prison Service for discriminating against a 22 year old woman.

Axed BBC presenter Miriam O’Reilly sues over ‘sexism and ageism’

02 February 2010

Source (The Times (online edition))

A BBC presenter who was dropped from the corporation’s rural affairs programme along with other women in their forties and fifties has become the first broadcaster to sue the BBC for age discrimination.

Greece has a two-month deadline to respond to EC notice on retirement age

01 February 2010

Source (EMportal)

The European Commission on Thursday sent a letter of formal notice to Greece calling it to comply with European Court ruling concerning equality of retirement age between men-women.

Help the Aged and Age Concern attacks ageism ban exemptions

28 January 2010

Source (

Merged charity rejects government's case for limiting scope of discrimination ban.

Liz Lynne MEP welcomes call to scrap compulsory retirement age

28 January 2010

Source (Kidderminster Shuttle)

Liberal Democrat Euro MP, Liz Lynne, a long-time campaigner against age discrimination, has welcomed a call by the Equality Commission to abolish compulsory retirement ages.

Car Insurance Quotes Denied to the Over 80s

28 January 2010

Source (

Car insurance quotes are being denied to those over 80 years old, Age Concern and Help the Aged has discovered in new research.

Age bias ban avoided by firms

27 January 2010

Source (The Press Association)

Holiday companies and insurance firms will be able to avoid a ban on age discrimination in goods and services, the Government has announced.

Compulsory retirement age would be scrapped under watchdog’s plans

25 January 2010

Source (The Times (online edition))

Millions of older people will be able to lengthen their working lives under proposals from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to scrap the compulsory retirement age of 65.

A new era for age

14 January 2010

Source (People Management)

Older workers have fared relatively well during this recession. That’s just as well, because with dwindling pension pots and increased life expectancy, there will soon be far more of them. But are organisations prepared for more people working longer?

Taxi driver age testing reviewed in Aberdeen

12 January 2010

Source (BBC News)

A policy of health testing older taxi drivers in Aberdeen could be revoked because of discrimination fears.

Carry on working

11 January 2010

Source (Mail online)

Employees could keep a job into their 70s and 80s under Harriet Harman's plan to scrap forced retirement

Gurkha veterans lose pensions battle

11 January 2010

Source (Guardian)

Gurkha veterans fail in test case claiming the MoD discriminated against them on grounds of nationality and age.

Calls for state pension of £130 a week

08 January 2010

Source (

The state pension should be raise to £130 a week, according to the first manifesto of its kind from Saga which calls for an end to age discrimination.

SMF says fears of a ‘lost generation' are overblown

05 January 2010

Source (

The Social Market Foundation has warned that the primary focus on the rise in youth unemployment is misguided and excessive because it leads to policy responses that concentrate on the young to the exclusion of other unemployed people.

Study explores career experiences of people born in the late 1940s

05 January 2010

Source (TAEN)

A new academic report, co published by The Age and Employment Network (TAEN) explores the reflections, projections and interpretations of work and career to date of people approaching 60.

BBC does 'not value' older female newsreaders, says Harriet Harman

03 January 2010

Source (The Guardian)

Equalities minister warns that ageism within the corporation is annoying its viewers

Relief for SAGA over Equality Bill

17 December 2009

Source (

SAGA has successfully lobbied for an specific exemption from the Equality Bill to cover holidays. The Equality Bill, currently before the House of Lords, will prohibit age discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

Elderly patients 'left humiliated and distressed' by delays when they call for help in hospital

15 December 2009

Source (

Elderly patients are being left humiliated and distressed by delays when they call for assistance on hospital wards, a new survey shows.

Hong Kong cabin crew alleges age discrimination by British Airways

26 November 2009

Source (

Fifteen female international cabin crew who are alleging age and race discrimination on the part of their former employer, British Airways, will have their case heard today before the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

Most older workers want to keep on going after 65

25 November 2009

Source (The Guardian)

More than 70% of older workers now plan to work beyond the state retirement age

Lawyers team up to fight 'fake' age discrimination claims

24 November 2009

Source (

Lawyers are joining forces to try and combat a spate of compensation claims from 'serial' litigants said to be capable of earning up to £50,000 a year from "fake" claims based on alleged breaches of age discrimination legislation.

UK’s Government Determined To End Age Discrimination

23 November 2009

Source ( / Department of Health)

To prepare health and social care services for new anti-age discrimination laws, the Government is calling for peoples’ views on the likely implications.

ITV newsreader in £5m age discrimination claim

22 November 2009

Source (Mail online)

Former ITV newsreader Liza Aziz claims that she suffered age discrimination after being replaced by "four blondes in their twenties and thirties".

Regions 'have crucial role' in tackling age discrimination

19 November 2009

Source (

Europe's regions have a key role to play in ensuring that anti age discrimination legislation is effectively implemented, West Midlands MEP Liz Lynne has said.

A guardian against discrimination stops fighting

19 November 2009

Source (

Why are member states discriminating against the anti-discrimination directive? Nicholas Beger, Director of Amnesty International's EU Office, comments on a proposals for new EU legislation to combat discrimination.

Confusion Still Reigns Over UK Retirement Age

11 November 2009

Source (

Only a third of workers think that they will work until they are over 65 and just one in ten believes they will still be working in their 70s.

16% of Europeans report experiencing discrimination

09 November 2009

Source (

Around one in six people in Europe claim to have personally experienced discrimination in the past year, according to a new opinion survey released by the European Commission today.

Age discrimination in NHS must end says Andy Burnham

21 October 2009

Source (

Andy Burnham, the health secretary, today admitted that age discrimination in the NHS exists and needs to be stamped out.

Institute of Directors backs retirement age of 70

19 October 2009

Source (PA News)

The state pension age should rise to 70 as soon as "reasonably practical", company directors have argued.

DWP Omits Age from Equality Monitoring Requirement for Suppliers

10 October 2009

Source (TAEN)

Contract compliance is working well as an instrument of social reform and divertsity promotion but not well enough to extend its use to combat age discrimination.

Don't pension us off too soon, says head of new top court

10 September 2009

Source (

The new Supreme Court risks wasting some of its best talent unless the judges' retirement age is raised to 75, the chamber's head said yesterday.

Business Club: Age discrimination and retirement

02 September 2009

Source (

The UK has experienced an unprecedented demographic shift, with the numbers of young people dwindling as the older section of the population increases. This is because people are living longer and staying active until much later in life.

Retirement: it's a great idea but will anyone ever afford it?

27 August 2009

Source (The Times (online edition))

Life expectancy increases by 15 minutes every hour. Fit and healthy 65-year-old men can expect to live to 88 and women longer still. By the time a man now starting his career reaches 65, he might expect to live until almost 100.

Retirement age should be scrapped, say MPs

31 July 2009

Source (

The retirement age should be scrapped as millions of pensioners are still in poverty despite Government efforts to lift them out of it, MPs say.

'Building a society for all ages’

17 July 2009

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

On 13 July 2009, the Government published its proposals for supporting an ageing population, ‘Building a society for all ages’ .

Forced retirement age 'imposed for benefit of businesses'.

17 July 2009

Source (

Workers are forced by the Government to leave their jobs at 65 just to make life easier for businesses, the High Court has heard.

End of retirement age signalled

17 July 2009

Source (BBC News)

A review of the default retirement age, which allows employers to compel staff to retire at 65, is to be brought forward by a year, the government says.

Equality Bill: Making it work

03 July 2009

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

On Monday 29th June 2009, a consultation document setting out how policy proposals for exceptions from the age discrimination ban are being developed was published.

Equality Bill

26 June 2009

Source (Lewis Silkin LLP)

The Equality Bill was introduced into the House of Commons in April. It contains a number of measures intended to combat age discrimination.

Implications of Rolls Royce v Unite

02 June 2009

Source (Personnel Today)

The Court of Appeal recently handed down Rolls Royce v Unite in which the legality of length of service criterion as part of a redundancy selection matrix was considered.

Dismissal of Cumbrian NHS boss ‘saved the taxpayer’, tribunal told

22 May 2009

Source (News & Star)

Chief executive of Cumbria Primary Care Trust claims her dismissal of a NHS boss saved the taxpayer more than £500,000.

Delay retirement to help ward off Alzheimer's disease, scientists say

18 May 2009

Source (Mail online)

As millions face the prospect of extending their working lives to fund pensions, scientists have come up with a silver lining. Retiring later can delay the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, their research suggests.

Call for end to retirement age barrier

29 April 2009

Source (Epolitix)

Coinciding with the introduction of the Equality Bill into parliament, MPs on the Work and Pensions Committee are pushing to have the default retirement age abolished.

Waiter, 69, sues top hotel for £100,000 for age discrimination

19 April 2009

Source (

A 69 year old waiter has bought a claim for age discrimination against a luxury hotel who dismissed him in favour of younger waiters. The Claimant is claiming £115, 000 in compensation.

56 year old discriminated against for being close to retirement age

16 April 2009

Source (BBC News)

This is another example of age discrimination.

Judges fail in Tribunal bid to extend working lives beyond 70

26 March 2009

Source (Times Online)

Judges will have to retire at 70.

Older workers suffering disproportionately in the recession

24 February 2009

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Lewis Silkin partner Hazel Oliver contributes to the debate

ECJ to hear default retirement age challenge next month

17 February 2009

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The long awaited judgment in the Heyday case, which challenges the UK default retirement age, will be heard by the ECJ on 5th March 2009.

Selina Scott paid £250,000 by Channel Five over age discrimination claim

09 December 2008

Source (Guardian)

Ms Scott's contract to replace Natasha Kaplinsky was allegedly cancelled in favour of two younger replacements.

Birgit Bartsch v Bosch and Siemens Hausgerate Altersfursorge GmbH

06 November 2008

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German survivor's pension claim rejected.

Ageism More Prevalent Than Racism Among Presidential Voters, Study Finds

01 November 2008

Source (Science Daily)

An ongoing study by UCLA and Stanford University researchers of 20,000 registered voters has found that far more of them would vote against Sen. John McCain because of his age than would vote against Sen. Barack Obama because of his race.

Ireland sees huge increase in age claims

01 October 2008

Source (The Equality Tribunal)

Age discrimination claims lodged with the Irish Equality Tribunal between January and June 2008 have increased by 150% over the same period last year.

Number of age claims up and rising

30 September 2008

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There were 2,652 age discrimination claims lodged in 2007/8, up from 739 in 2006/07.

A rejected applicant for the US version of the reality TV show The Apprentice is suing property tycoon Donald Trump over alleged age discrimination

09 January 2007

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Richard Hewett, 49 when he failed to get on the show in 2005, says Mr Trump and producers have violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.