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Employment Tribunal

Peters v Rock Chemicals Ltd

Various references to an individual's age during a process to dismiss him were age discrimination.

Dove v Brown & Newirth Ltd

Calling a 50-something year old employee "Gramps" was banter but was also age discrimination.

McDowell v BAE Systems

An enhanced redundancy scheme that tapered down to zero at age 65 was not justified.

Dippenaar v Bethnal Green and Shoreditch Education Trust

An experienced teacher brought claims of unfair dismissal and indirect age discrimination on the basis that she was forced out of her role due to the cost of her employment compared to the cost of employing more junior teachers.

Mort and others v HMRC

Government wins test case that could have had major implications for public sector pay.

Shiret v Credit Suisse

Mr Shiret, a 55 year old banker, was made redundant but his 35 year old colleague kept his job. Was this age discrimination?

Roberts v Cash Zone

Calling an 18 year old a “teenager” was, despite being factually accurate, an age discriminatory comment as it was used in a derogatory way.

Reynolds v CLFIS

The ET finds no discrimination when decision maker didn't discriminate, but was influenced by others who might have discriminated.

Whitham v Capita

A cut off of 55 for PHI payments was direct and indirect age discrimination.